Survival OF The "Smartest"

By Joshua Moore and Braden Wilson,2 experts!


Before we get started I should tell you IT DOESN'T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO PASS 6TH GRADE! Homeroom can be very fun but it can also be very serious like map testing, map testing is done in homeroom. Homeroom is your first period it is also your longest period. Your homeroom is fifty-five minutes long. You have a two minute warning bell only before homeroom it is not like that for any other period, so don't make that mistake. After homeroom you will be dismissed to second period.

Class Behavior!

How should you act in a 6th grade class? Be just like our modo "Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible."Here are some picture examples of how your classroom behavior should be like.

Classroom Behavior examples

Tips on how to use certain tools!

Reading a schedule!

Sometimes reading a schedule especially if there are 7 periods, like Hickory Hills Middle School. So I found a video for you. please watch the video below.
How to read a class schedule

How to open a locker!

These are the steps to opening your locker:

  1. Start with the dial facing 0.
  2. Turn to right passing first number (12) twice,then go to number.
  3. Turn to left passing second number (25) once,then go to number.
  4. Then turn right again and go straight to last number (16).
  5. Pull black handle up, and pull locker toward you.
  6. Get stuff and shut locker.
  7. Spin dial to secure and insure that it is locked and shut correctly.
DO NOT PUT PENCIL IN LOCKER OR SLAM DOOR! This would result in referral or strike or maybe even both!

Chromebook Care Video!

Chromebook Care