European Union Project: Hungary

By: Alex Brown


Hungary joined the European Union on May 1,2004. They became a founder of the EU (European Union). Hungary was a part of Austria at one point until they became there own country.


Hungary is located in Central Europe, it's bordered by Austria, Slovakia Ukraine and Croatia.

The Capitol of Hungary is Budapest, motor cities like Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged and Pecs have great tourist attractions like The Chane Bridge in the 3rd picture above and the Hungarian Rarliment building where they hold meetings and media conferences.

Geography and Physical Features and more facts

Some of the most well known physical features in Hungary that are not only beautiful but also are tourist attractions like the Danube river, lake Balton and the dry Hungarian plane.

Hungarys government type is a Parlimentary Democracy, this democracy is when when they have prime ministers and chancellors. The currency type of currency that Hungary uses now is the Hungarian Fornit the Hungarians started using this type of currency after WWII.

Interesting facts

1. Hungarian is the hardest language to learn

2.Hungarian inventor Er''no Rubik invented the Rubik cube.

3.Hungary is the 6th oldest country in Europe behind Norway France Bulgaria Germany and russia

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