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2T Edison School * April 27th* Mrs. Tallman

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Third Marking Period WEB Project: Poetry!

Students have brought home their instructions for their last WEB of the year! Please take time to work on this project with your student for the whole month. The project is due May 15th.

A Non-Fiction Report is coming!

The students will begin writing a Non-fiction report on an insect this week. Please help your child find some resources (books, internet print outs, magazines) by April 28th. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

Thank You!

Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes and delicious treats! I had a great birthday and I loved the cards the class made! Thanks for making me feel so special!


We are still talking about the big idea, “Living things change over time.” This week we will explore the question “What helps you make a decision about a character?” It definitely takes a long time to make a rug, as we will find out in the narrative nonfiction selection The Goat in the Rug. It also takes a long time to make a basket, which we will know more about after reading the informational text Basket Weaving.

Target Vocabulary: sharpening, spinning, strands, weave, yarn, dye, duplicated, delicious

Phonics Skills: suffixes: -ly and –ful, final stable syllables: -tion and -ture

Vocabulary Strategy: multiple meaning words

Spelling Words: helpful, sadly, hopeful, thankful, slowly, wishful, kindly, useful, safely, painful, mouthful, weakly, quickly, wonderful, idea, *meaningful*

Comprehension Skills: Conclusions: use details to figure out more about the text

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize: stop to tell important ideas as you read.


Students will be writing a nonfiction report on insects. Students will choose a topic for their nonfiction report and together, we will begin to research their topic. Using resources from the classroom and materials the students bring in to school, we will learn to write notes on details about our topics. The students will observe how to take the interesting facts they will find and put them into their own words. Once they have collected multiple facts for each section of their report; features, habitat, diet and life cycle, they will begin drafting an informational paragraph for each section of their report.


Lesson 9.8: Capacity

Name and order units of capacity and observe relationships among units of capacity: cup, quart, gallon, pint, and liter

Unit 9: Review

Unit 9: Assessment

Lesson 10.1: Money

Calculate and compare coin and bill amounts. Make exchanges between coins and bills.


This week the students will use penlights to explore the luster of the minerals. A mineral’s luster depends on the way its surface reflects light. Minerals that reflect light have a metallic luster. All others are nonmetallic. The students will divide the minerals into these two groups, then look more closely at the nonmetallic minerals to decide if they have a more waxy, glassy or dull luster. Then we will begin to wrap up our study of Rocks and Minerals. Once the students finish testing the hardness of minerals, they will use a magnet to determine if it is magnetic. Then, the exciting part begins! The students will use observations made by geologists and compare them to their own observations. Through this process, the students will try to name all 12 of the minerals.


Please note: It is getting warmer and our classroom can get very hot! Please label and bring a water bottle to school each day and dress in layers to be prepared for the spring weather shifts! It is typically 75-85 degrees in our classroom on a typical Spring day!

Mark Your Calendars:

April 28-30 PARCC for 3rd-5th Grade

April 28th-Insect Information due

May 1st- Character Counts: Trustworthiness presented by First Grade

May 7th-Arts Night 7:00pm-8:30pm

May 15th- 1/2 Day Teacher Inservice