Coyote Howler

March 2020

Principal's Blog

Dear Kincaid Families,

What a month! February was full of opportunities for our students. Kincaid Coyotes participated in Battle of the Books, Spelling Bee, Varsity and JV basketball tournaments and STEAM Week. We are proud of our students and their school spirit. Our students represented Kincaid very well outside of the classroom. We want to thank our students, their coaches, and our parents for supporting extracurricular activities. We want to thank our PTA for sponsoring many of the activities that take place outside of the classroom. We believe that extracurricular activities help to build assets for our students and positive connections to the school community.

We look forward to spring and the added daylight hours in Alaska. When students return from spring break, we will begin our fourth quarter. We hope all students come back refreshed and ready to finish strong during fourth quarter.


Wendy Zorea


Top Coyote: Ms. Danielle Lesko

For the month of March we would like to recognize one of our fourth grade teachers, Ms. Danielle Lesko. She was nominated by her colleagues as an outstanding member of our school community. One of her colleagues had this to say about Ms. Lesko:

"Just being near Ms. Lesko for a few moments and one will quickly know they are in the presence of a rare gem. She is so giving and generous. Her loving and accepting nature of EVERYONE is immediate and genuine. Danielle loves all and accepts all. She gives so much of her time to her students, colleagues and profession. She is passionate about creating well rounded, capable, understanding, love-one-another and loving one's self, human beings. She is not recognized nearly enough for her talents."

Ms. Lesko supports students and colleagues in many ways. She is one our Student Council Advisors, she is on the Leadership Team, and she is a Teacher-In-Charge when Mrs. Zorea is out of the building. She participates in most all school activities. Ms. Lesko gives of her time and her talents throughout the year! Thank you Ms. Lesko!

Big picture


We want to thank our PTA and our coordinator, Amy Mestas, for providing a fabulous week of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math activities for our kids. I hope you had a chance to take a picture of your child souring with STEAM week. The community art project will remain up so that you will have more time after break to take a photo of your child souring with wings.

Coronavirus Update from ASD

Dear ASD Families,

The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is a significant topic of concern in Anchorage and globally. While Alaska presently has no confirmed cases of this illness, the possibility remains real. To that end, please know your District is prepared. Here is helpful information for you to make informed decisions.

Prevention Measures - The best defense against any contagious illness is frequent and effective handwashing. Based on guidance from healthcare professionals, masks are not allowed unless specifically coordinated with the school nurse, as they are generally not used appropriately by children.

Family Actions:

Wash hands frequently

Use soap & water for 20 seconds; sing “Happy Birthday” or the “ABCs” to time the task

Use hand sanitizer when water is unavailable

Practice coughing/sneezing into the elbow or a tissue

Keep hands below the chin

Keep children home when sick

ASD Actions:

Teach proper hand washing

Purchase hand sanitizer for use in schools

Suspend handshaking routines

Increase sanitization of schools and buses

Educate all staff on current protocols

Suspend attendance awards

Encourage staff to stay home when sick

District Closure Preparation - ASD has an Infectious Disease Plan in place, and school nurses have the most up-to-date information. In an extreme situation, the District may need to close for a time. If a closure takes place, we want everyone to be prepared.

If the District were to close, the effects to families and across the entire community would be significant. Families should take the time to consider how a potential closure would impact their daily lives and take steps to plan ahead. Childcare, work/activity schedules, and other family logistics are a few areas that may be affected if ASD is forced to close.

Family Actions:

Plan for short and long-term closures

Work schedules


Activity Schedules

Know how to reach your child’s teacher(s) via email

ASD Actions:

Communicate regularly with our communit


ASD website

Social media/text

Local media

Engage e-learning opportunities

Coordinate continuation of meal service for students in need

Plan for employee absences

Maintain facilities

Travel Considerations - Due to the risk of contracting the virus or being isolated outside of Alaska, ASD has canceled all school sponsored domestic and international travel for students and staff through April 2020. In-state travel is not affected.

During spring break, many ASD families have personal vacation plans. We encourage them to stay current with the latest travel advisories and the specific status of their travel location. The CDC travel page has reliable and accurate information.

Family Actions:

Monitor travel advisories

Plan for long-term stays

Check regularly for school updates and/or assignments

nform your school of absences (stipulate illness, travel restriction, or isolation)

ASD Actions:

Communicate regularly

Welcome students back to school

Reduce stigma related to travel locations

Be flexible with missed assignments

Manage fear and misinformation

You may find these reputable websites useful in your effort to stay informed:

Anchorage Health Department

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Center for Disease Control

ASD will keep you updated with new developments. Thank you for your continued engagement and cooperation.


Anchorage School District

2020 PEAKS State Assessment

Each spring, Alaskan students are provided an opportunity to show what they know. When students show what they know, teachers and parents can partner to promote student success.

The Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools (PEAKS) is Alaska’s summative assessment administered to students in Grades 3-9 (English language arts and mathematics) and grades 4, 8 and 10 (science) each spring.

The purpose of a large-scale, summative assessment is to provide parents and schools an overall picture of a student’s progress in meeting the Alaska standards at his/her grade level. The assessment is taken on the computer and is not timed, but each content area takes approximately 100-180 minutes.

Parents can locate resources for the PEAKS assessment, including directions for PEAKS Practice tests, called Online Tools Training and PEAKS Tutorials on the ASD website at

Parents can also help by ensuring their children are well rested, eat a nutritious breakfast, and are at school on time for the days of testing. Please avoid scheduling appointments on your child’s testing days.

Students! Get ready to reach new peaks of learning and earn a PEAKS sticker set for showing what you know during our school’s PEAKS testing dates March 30-April 7.

6th Grade: March 30-31

5th Grade: April 1-2

4th Grade: April 8-10

3rd Grade: April 6-7

Students who miss a testing session will make up the session when they are present.

Important Dates

March 6: End of Quarter Grading Day.

March 9-13: Spring Break

March 30-April 10: PEAKS Assessments 3rd-6th

Student Nutrition

Reminder that families may apply for free and reduced-price lunches at any time of the school year. If your family has lost job hours, experienced layoffs or had a change in circumstances, please visit student nutrition at to apply. Online applications process in just 48 hours!! Please list all ASD students on the application. Email if you need assistance with your application or call 348-5142, Option 1.

Family Survey

We value input from our families. You are an important partner as we work to continually improve each school’s environment. The Family Survey window is open between January 17 - March 20. If you have more than one child attending this school, you only need to fill out one survey. Everyone should go to or to take the survey and enter the appropriate access code. Our code is kincaidfamily

School Business Partners

School Board

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Elisa Snelling -Treasurer

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