R10 Title III News

Volume 2, December 2020

Tips and Tools for English Learner Parents and Families

Greetings to our Region 10 English Learner parents, families, and colleagues! The English Learner support team here at Region 10 is so excited to announce a new series designed especially for you! Starting this month, we will begin sharing tools, tips, and strategies to help you help your students attain English proficiency and develop high levels of academic achievement. Each part of the series will include an infographic with linked resources and tips that you can explore on your own and with your family. We will follow up with a short video clip that will help walk you through the highlights shared in the infographic.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the series and the different topics that will be covered. Don't forget to check back with us every month for a new topic.

Tips and Tools for Parents and Families of English Learners | Region 10 ESC
Consejos y herramientas para padres y familias de estudiantes aprendices de ingles | Region 10 ESC
Take a look at the graphic below. We are providing you with an idea of how you could use the resources. Remember, this is just an idea and you could find other ways to use them.

  1. Share the infographic with your EL parents and families.
  2. After sharing the infographic, invite parents to a live coffee chat or virtual cafe. Parents can have the opportunity to share ideas, strategies, and practice the tips shared on the infographic.
  3. Follow up with the video clip which provides additional tips, tools, and strategies.

Do you have other ideas? Share with us! #R10ELSupport

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Face to Face & Virtual Transitions


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Transiciones Presenciales y Virtuales


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Video coming soon


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Mặt đối mặt & chuyển đổi ảo

Traditional Chinese

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Video coming soon


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New TEA TExES ESL Supplemental Certification Preparation Online Course

Check out the redesigned English learner web portal!

The portal NOW introduces resources for parents and families of English learners and a NEW strand focusing on building community partnerships. This innovated portal provides a one stop shop approach for all stakeholders to access state and federal guidance and web-based resources to boost student outcomes. The site now offers a translation feature to toggle between the top languages in Texas.

Visit www.txel.org and see how you can implement these great resources to increase the impact on the academic success of the State’s English learners.

Source: TEA

How to Navigate the Parents and Families Page

Have you seen the latest video explaining how to navigate the Parents and Families page at the TXEL Portal?

Click on the picture below to watch the video. Other videos are available at www.txel.org

Por Nuestros Niños Podcast

Designed for parents, this Spanish-Language radio broadcast and podcast “Por Nuestros Niños” – For Our Children – reaches across the globe through Univision and is available on any major podcast platform including Apple, Google, Spotify, and more. Each week introduces professors, educators, and experts to Spanish-speaking parents and shares tools, resources, and advice based on research and science to help parents help their children thrive.

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