BY Devin Roling and Michael Randall


The next big thing is.........*drumbroll*...........Zoomies! Zoomies are the great product that are like binoculars and sunglasses rolled in one. You can read the newspaper easier. Not only that but you can birdwatch, knitt, and watch sports with ease. Zoomies are a sensation that will change the nation.

Uses for Zoomies

Not only do Zoomies make watching things easier but they are hands free. Zoom-in any time... at home or away. Zoomies have tons of uses, most are listed above. They would make great gifts for a loved one like a spouse or children and grandchildren. Zoomies are only 10$ plus p&h. Buy one get one free with the special double offer! Just pay sepperate p&h. Zoomies comes with a lanyard and zippered hard case. Zoomies are worn like sunglasses and work like binoculars. They are the only compact and hands-free binoculars. With Zoomies you can read, watch sporting events, watch birds, knit, do arts and crafts, and watch the skies. Zoomies are super effective!
we used logos and pathos to persuade you to buy this product.

Why you should buy Zoomies.

Zoomies are better than good, they're great! They are also the only compact and hands-free binoculars. They come for a very good price and are very effective! They have up to 300% magnification. Customers love them! Not many people own Zoomies, so become the popular kid on the block and start a trend. You will become the popular kid If you buy Zoomies. Don't delay, order Zoomies today!!!!!!
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