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Italy is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful countries in the world. From the peaceful canals of Venice to the reigning history of Rome, everyone is in for something special at every nook and cranny of Italy. The streets and alleyways give a vintage touch to the modern ideas of the Italians and the nightlife only compliments the idea even further. People come from all over the world to see the mountainous and industrialised Italy, a country holding many monuments, people and tradition in its soil. The festivals and celebrations are always something that the residents admire, respect and value a lot, and tourists have nothing more to say but...'AMAZING'. Italy opens up a whole new world that is different in every city and state of the country; whether it is the cuisine, celebrations, people, architecture or just the environment.

the beautiful italy

Festivals and celebrations that make your trip worthwhile

1 – Carnevale – Carnevale is also known as Mardi Gras or carnival and is celebrated throughout the world and many places in Italy, 40 days before Easter. It serves as a final party before Ash Wednesday. In Italy, Carnevale is a huge winter festival celebrated with parties, music, entertainment, masquerade balls, and parades.

2 – Festival of the Republic – On 2nd June, Italians remember the day in 1946 when they voted to become a republic and abolish the monarchy. Because the king of Italy supported Mussolini in World War II, support for the monarchy had dropped significantly. The parade of the Armed Forces in Rome is the highlight of the festival.

3 – Ferragosto – Next to New Years, Easter, and Christmas, this is undoubtedly the most important and celebrated holiday in Italy. Each August 15, Italians celebrate the ascent of Mary to heaven to be reunited with Jesus. During the celebration of Ferragosto, all of Italy shuts down and has celebrations and parties.

4– New Years – The New Year – Il capodanno – is a tremendous celebration in Italy. Friends and family get together for a massive feast. There are also massive firework displays at midnight and some of the smaller towns that cannot afford fireworks build bonfires to ring in the New Year in a festive manner.

5 – Christmas – Christmas season is celebrated from Christmas Eve through Epiphany – or December 24 - January 6. Many decorations and traditions go into the Christmas season in Italy and Christmas Eve is celebrated eating a meatless dinner with the entire family and often there are bonfires in the town square to celebrate Christmas as well.

Of course, there are many more festivals and holidays that are celebrated throughout Italy and it is one of the times where Italians portray their respect, value and happiness by religious and annual festivals. To know more about the festivals and celebrations occurring in Italy, visit:


italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the finest cuisines that any person would ever come across. The flavours are indulging and beautiful and the ingredients used are ripe and fresh; whether it is the anchovies for a Bagna Càuda (a warm dip typically from Piedmont, Italy) or eggs for a Piena (a sweet bread found in rural Italy). Pasta varieties such as Spaghetti and Ravioli cooked in a indulgent tomato sauce, and pizza recipes such as Pizza Margherita and many more are a must when you visit Italy because they are Italy's most well-known foods and Is found throughout the country in restaurants and other dining places. Italy has incredibly rich pastry traditions, from rich Sicilian cannoli and Cassata to the seductive orange-laced ricciarelli from Siena, and on to the elegant chocolaty wonders of the areas long under Austria. Tiramisu is a favourite all over the world, but it tastes best in its country of origin, Italy, with its rich and desiring layers.

the famous places

There are many famous places in Italy that some people are aware and unaware of. These places have been put into place down the line of historic to modern Italy and here are the top ten most famous and must see places in Italy.

1. Canals of Venice

2. Colosseum

3. Santa Maria del Fiore

4. Piazza del Campo

5. Pompeii

6. Positano (Amalfi Coast)

7. Lake Como (Italian Lake District)

8. Leaning Tower of Pisa

9. Manarola (Cinque Terre)

10. Towers of San Gimignano

There are many more famous landmarks in Italy that it would take days to name them all! To know more about these top ten monuments and land marks, visit:


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