by bailey


You should travel to Toronto. Toronto would make for a great vacation because it has many things to do. It's best known for entertainment, sports teams, and also a life like Chinatown. You should go to Toronto, it’s so fun and here’s why.

Let's start with entertainment. Toronto is known for its shopping, music festivals and Canada's Wonderland. I've been and have done all of these activities, so I can personally say I had a really amazing experience.

Canada’s Wonderland is great family entertainment. It has many thrilling rides and delicious food. But you must act now as Canada’s Wonderland is having a sale. A day pass is now $35, so you’re saving $25, what a deal!

Shopping would be a great option too! Even a concert would be really fun! Sports teams are another excellent thing to come and see in Toronto. There are the Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors. If you love sports teams, come on down to Toronto.

This leads me to my last conclusion, a detailed but small version of China! If you like to save money and get great products go now to Toronto’s China town. It offers real Lulu Lemon. It also has hand crafted long boards, and hover boards to! There’s also a wide variety of crazy foods to try. But I would say the whole experience is seeing their culture.

That's why I think you should travel to Toronto. It has so many things to do that it’s simply just too hard to choose. So if you have the chance to go there I promise you won't forget it.