MAPSS Summer Institute

2016-2017- MSP Grant- Year 2

Your summer professional development is almost here!

Congratulations on being selected to be a part of our MAPSS Grant Year 2!!! This is a great opportunity for all educators to learn more about the standards of quality instruction and how a strong foundation in the standards will make problem/project-based learning a successful option for engaging your learners. This year we will highly focus on mathematical reasoning with a priority focus area around geometry. We are thrilled to have you join our MAPSS family and look forward to spending 10 days with you this summer.

MAPSS Summer Institute will be held daily June 20- July 1, 2016

Monday, June 20th, 8am to Friday, July 1st, 4pm

475 Deacon Boulevard

Winston-Salem, NC

Upon arrival you will see the Deacon Tower is on your left, turn in the first entrance (you will be driving behind the tower) and travel to the parking area directly in front of the Bridger Field House. All participants must park in this area daily. Do not park in the small parking lot directly in front of the Deacon Tower, this is for staff and guests of the Deacon Grille. On Day 1 we will meet in the Deacon Tower, please DO NOT enter through the Bridger Field House. You can follow the sidewalk back around to the front entrance of the Deacon Tower. We will meet in the CERTL Learning Center on the 3rd floor. This is the same room where you attended the teacher orientation meeting.

Participant Expectations:

As a MAPSS participant you play a huge role in the success of this work. We work on a readiness model, which means we will work with you on your individual needs. However, this is your opportunity to make the most out of the instructional programming that is provided through this grant.

Participants should:

  • Attend all 10 days of the Summer Institute
  • DAY 1- Suggested arrival time is 8:00 AM because there will be lots of housekeeping items to take care of prior to our day beginning.
  • Our typical day will begin around 8:30 am and end between 3:30/4:00 pm.
  • Attend all 4 days associated with the Fall and Spring Retreats
  • Engage in the activities associated with the professional development
  • Consistently use Edmodo to share and communicate with our professional learning network (PLN)
  • Address communications when scheduling coaching visits
  • Engage in coaching visits

Your PBL Student Camp Experience

PBL Student Camps will be hosted within school districts this year. On this day (Thursday, June 30) you will go to a designated location (see sites below). You will work in teams and be responsible for facilitating a problem-based learning case with students. During the Summer Institute your team will be given time to select and plan for your PBL Student Camp experience.

Site 1- Broadview Middle School- This location will host for all ABSS teachers. MAPSS Teacher Leader- Jenn Russell (ABSS Year 1 teacher)

Site 2- Liberty Elementary School- This location will host for all RCS teachers.

Teacher Leader- Deidra Colclough (RCS Year 1 teacher)

MAPSS Team Rep- Kim Campbell

Site 3- Oak Grove Middle School- This location will host for all DCS and LCS teachers.

Teacher Leaders- Amy Burgesser (DCS Year 1 teacher), Kristyn Daney (LCS Year 1 teacher)

MAPSS Team Rep- Kelsey Doolittle

Site 4- Jones Intermediate School- This location will host for all MACS teachers.

Teacher Leaders- Amanda Robertson, Tarona Hollingsworth (MACS Year 1 teachers)

MAPSS Team Rep- Penny Willard

Teachers will need to arrive by 8:30 am in order to prepare for the day. The PBL activities will begin at 9:00 am for students and end at 12:00 pm when students leave. Once students leave all teachers will briefly discuss the reflection requirement which is due on Friday morning upon our return to WFU for the final day. After this discussion you are free to leave since you have an assignment to complete for homework prior to our last day. *Please note that no travel is paid for this day since we do not travel to Wake Forest University.

What To Bring Each Day?

  • Computer
  • Professional Development binder (this is provided for you on Day 1)
  • Lunch (or you may choose to eat out)
  • Snacks (if needed or desired)
  • A positive attitude and willingness to engage in new learning

On Site Beverages

On Monday, June 20- Wednesday, June 29 there will be coffee and water provided daily for all participants. All of this will be made available in our area only, do not utilize beverage services in other areas. Also, please note that no food will be provided for participants during the Summer Institute.


Daily Lunch Options:

Participants will have a lunch break daily, however, no meals will be provided through the grant. Our daily lunch time will usually be around 11:30 to 12:30. The Deacon Tower offers the Deacon Grille as an on site restaurant option, located on the 4th floor and open daily from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. You may also choose to travel to local restaurants or bring a packed lunch. See a list of local restaurants below.

  • Elizabeth’s Italian Restaurant ---- 2824 University Parkway
  • Jimmy the Greek Kitchen 2806 University Parkway
  • Putters Patio & Grill----3005 Bonhurst Drive
  • Red Hot & Blue BBQ----613 Deacon Blvd.
  • Subway----2808 University Parkway
  • Panera Bread----2208 Cloverdale Avenue
  • Pizza Hut----3040 University Parkway
  • New China Buffet----5723 University Parkway
  • Bojangles-----585 Northwest Blvd.
  • Mario's Pizza----2205 Cloverdale Avenue
  • Wendy's----2735 Reynolda Road
  • McDonalds----7742 North Point Blvd.
  • Dunkin Donuts----78115 North Point Blvd.
  • Midtown Cafe & Dessertery----151 S. Stratford Rd.
  • Chick-Fil-A----391 Knollwood Drive
  • Moe's Southwest Grille----206 S. Stratford Rd.
  • The Carving Board----318 S. Stratford Rd.
  • The Loop----300 S. Stratford Rd.
  • Firehouse Subs---205 S. Stratford Rd.
  • Zoe's Kitchen----205 S. Stratford Rd.
  • Jimmy Johns----249 S. Stratford Rd.
  • Qdoba Mexican Eats----57 Miller Street
  • Jersey Mike's Subs----2291 Cloverdale Avenue
  • Jimmy John's (with drive thru)----2804 Fairlawn Drive
  • Golden India Restaurant----2837 Fairlawn Drive
  • Amazing Thailand----2840 Reynolda Road
  • Mi Pueblo----2905 Reynolda Road
  • Mama Zoe's----2859 Reynolda Road
  • East Coast Wings (Reynolda Manor Shopping Center)----2894 Reynolda Road
  • Starbucks (with drive thru)----2898 Reynolda Road
  • KFC--- 2817 Reynolda Road
  • Burger King----2897 Reynolda Road
  • Cici's----2857 Reynolda Road

Stipends & Travel Reimbursement

All teachers will receive the same daily stipend for participation:

  • $100 per day
  • $1,000.00 total stipend will be paid to each teacher
  • FICA and retirement is also covered on the $1,000.00

In order to receive the travel reimbursement for your participation in the Summer Institute you must follow the grant specific guidelines.

  • Carpooling at 4 people per car
  • Travel paid at the current rate of .54 per mile
  • Distance covered is from your district to Deacon Tower and back to your district

All stipends and travel are paid through each individual school district. The districts are then reimbursed for these amounts when they invoice Mount Airy City Schools, which serves as the fiscal agent for the MAPSS grant.

For any specific stipend & travel questions please see your district representative (shown below) for MAPSS. This may include questions like the following:

  • When will we get paid?
  • Where do we need to meet for travel plans?
  • Questions pertaining to carpool plans?
  • What forms do we fill out for travel reimbursement

District Specific MAPSS Representatives:

Please reach out to your district's representative if you have a specific school district only question or concern.

Alamance-Burlington Schools: Dr. Robin Finberg or Krista Boyd

Davidson County Schools: Emily Lipe or Caroline Hedrick

Lexington City Schools: Nicole Piggott

Mount Airy City Schools: Penny Willard

Randolph County Schools: Lynette Graves

MAPSS Questions or Concerns

Welcome to the MAPSS family, I am Penny Willard, the MAPSS Grant Coordinator. As the coordinator I am the primary administrator over the day to day actions of the grant work. If you have any kind of question or concern regarding the MAPSS grant please do not hesitate to call or email me. All of my contact information can be found below and my response rate is within 24 hours. I will be the person contacting you to arrange for coaching visits and virtual coaching sessions. When this communication begins in the fall please respond to my emails or Google docs that will help us to build the most effective schedule to meet your needs.

Where Can I Learn More About MAPSS?

Did you know that you are a pioneer? Yes, it may be year 2, but you are still serving as a pioneer in the MAPSS grant work. We had an extremely successful first year and that has allowed us to expand for Year 2. Our MAPSS management team has worked to change the design of your professional development experiences, ensuring we continue to grow and achieve together. You are the pioneers in your schools and districts, so be proud that you are a part of our group that will continue to make a difference in the lives of teachers and students! Check out more about MAPSS by clicking here to visit the Mount Airy City Schools website!