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April 29, 2022

The mission of Hathaway Elementary School community is to provide a safe and caring environment in which every child develops character, self-confidence, responsibility, compassion, positive values and a true love of learning AND receives a strong academic foundation through diverse and challenging instruction in order to meet or exceed grade level expectations.
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Picture Day

Spring Picture Day is happening on May 3rd.

If you do not want your children to have their picture taken you must notify the classroom teacher in writing before picture day.

Otherwise, all children will have their picture taken and you will receive a package.

Looking forward to seeing those smiles!

Community Meeting

We have rescheduled our community meeting to Friday, May 6th, at 9:15. If the weather is nice we will gather outside as a community. If there is inclement weather we will host the meeting via Zoom.

Please be sure to have students dress appropriately for the possibility of an outdoor meeting on Friday.

Zoom Link

Community Meeting Agenda

Survey Works Extended!

Dear Families,

In order to hear from as many families as possible across the state, the Rhode Island Department of Education is reopening the SurveyWorks family survey until May 17! If you did not complete the survey earlier this spring, please visit bit.ly/ridefamily to share your perspective with school and district leaders.

Please note that the family survey has 44 questions for families who have responded No to question 1 and 52 questions for families who have responded Yes to question 1. Once the first answer has been marked and submitted, please continue on to the rest of the survey questions before closing out the survey.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your voice. Your response helps us understand what matters most to your family, and allows us to provide all children and families with the support they need to thrive.

Save the Date!

Please join us on Tuesday, May 10th at 7:00 PM in the cafeteria as we host the next School Committee Meeting. We will be sharing a presentation on all the ways we are connected as a community! You don't want to miss it!

Portsmouth Art Guild

We are proud to announce that many of our Hathaway students were featured at The Portsmouth Art Guild's Opening Event last weekend. Hathaway School had over 50 entries!

We received some awards at the show!

First Place - Jace Sharp

Second Place - Hayden Melanson

Third Place - Khloe Garcia

Honorable Mention - Marly Battle

Mrs. Warsauer received a Teacher Recognition Award from the Art Guild with $100.00 to be used to buy art supplies for the students.

The Art show continues until May 7th with the hours of Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 pm and Thursdays from 9:30 am-12:30.

Congratulations to all of our participants!

Grade 4

Noelle Desjardins

Evelyn May

Hayley Long

Amelia McDowell

Grace Gaudini

Ava Wood

Karma Matthews

Camryn Donovan

Sage MacMillen

Amelia McDowell

Sebastian Genereux

Nora McDermott

Noah Adams

Mia Periont

Grade 3

Zelda Conwell

Hayden Melanson

Ariana Malo

Ben Fenster

Emma Welker

Seamus Fitzpatrick

Kaiden Ouelette

Marley Battle

Grade 2

Roshen Nadimpalli

Luna Perez Cardona

Kimberly Fiorillo

Khloe Garcia

Lucca Garcia

Owen Medford

Jace Sharp

John Mello

Grade K

Brooklyn McGeachy

Henry DelConte

Anthony Scala-Pappas

Brynn Gallo

Nut Free Facility

Please note that at this time we are still a nut free facility. No products containing nuts are allowed as snack or in lunches. This includes peanut butter, nut butters, including Nutella, desserts in lunchables (peanut butter cups), and the like.

Thank you for your support in keeping all of our students safe in our Hathaway community.

April is Month of the Military Child

Please reach out to Mrs. Pascoe at pascoen@portsmouthschoolsri.org or Mrs. Almeida at almeidan@portsmouthschoolsri.org if you have any questions.
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Abound Parenting Newsletter (Kindergarten)

Abound Parenting- Hathaway News

This week’s academic vocabulary word is NORMAL.

Here are 2 ways to give your child extra opportunities to hear and use the word NORMAL!

 Is it NORMAL for people to go swimming in the coldest months where

you live? What months of the year do people NORMALLY swim outside

in your area or region of the world?

 What happens during a NORMAL springtime where you live? What kind

of weather would be ABNORMAL during the spring in your area?

o Remind your child that the word NORMAL means what usually

happens, a regular way of doing things. ABNORMAL has the prefix

AB, which means “outside of,” or “away from,” so ABNORMAL

means things that are “outside of” what’s NORMAL (not normal).

 How else can you build your child’s reading skills through TALK?

o Try these questions taken from different TalkOn age groups this week:

 When the cold winds blow, a storm might bring ______. Can we think of

a word that rhymes with blow to end this sentence? (snow)

 When it's very humid out, the air has a lot of moisture, or water, that you

can't see, but you can feel. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the

air. What clues tell you there's humidity in the bathroom after a hot


 Weather forecasters, meteorologists, can't predict the weather exactly.

Should people just always prepare for the weather to turn bad? What's

wrong with that approach?

If you haven’t yet signed up, go to https:// partners.aboundparenting.com/ Use the code given to you by your Hathaway teacher or staff member, & follow instructions to download the app.

Local Advisory Committee Awards

Please consider nominating someone who has made a difference in the life of a child and their family!

We are writing to you regarding the annual Portsmouth Special Education Local Advisory Committee Recognition Awards. The purpose of these awards is for families of children with special education needs to nominate someone from our school community who has helped their child to succeed this school year. You can nominate staff such as teachers/support professionals, bus staff, food service workers, RBT's/Paraprofessionals, coaches, other students and administrators.

In order to nominate someone please complete the :

Portsmouth Local Advisory Recognition Awards Nomination Form

A few notes about nominations:

  • You may nominate more than one person but please use one form per nominee
  • Please submit all nominations by Monday May 2, 2022

The Awards Recognition night is scheduled for May 18, 2022 at 6:30 PM @ Portsmouth Middle School Library. More information will follow at a later date. If you have any questions, please contact Don Labbe or Sheli Silveria at lacportsmouth@gmail.com

We look forward to making this a special evening to honor those who have made a difference.


Sheli Silveria and Don Labbe

LAC Co-Chairs

RICAS Assessment

Please note the change of date for grade 4 ELA session 1.

RICAS Assessment for grades 3 and 4 will take place in April and May.

Scheduled dates are as follows -

May 10th - Grade 3 Math RICAS

May 12th - Grade 3 Math RICAS

May 18th - Grade 4 Math RICAS

May 19th - Grade 4 Math RICAS

"Why do we have statewide standardized assessments?
Rhode Island has statewide standardized assessments in mathematics, English language arts, and science in order to meet a federal requirement and provide valuable information about how well our students, schools, districts, and state are doing. Results measure the knowledge and skills addressed in the Rhode Island Core Standards (RICS) for English Language Arts/Literacy and for Mathematics, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and are used in the following ways:

  • The results can help you track your child’s progress over time.
  • Results give you the ability to compare your child’s school to schools across the state.
  • Districts and schools analyze their results to inform decisions they make to support teaching and learning."

You can find more information on the RIDE website.

Looking For A Part Time Job?

We are in search of substitutes for our General School Aid positions. If you are available and would like to be considered, please complete the application on Schoolspring. We would love to have you join our team!

Job ID #3827686

Are you able to help?

We are looking for gently used pants for boys and girls size 6-8 and sneakers for students, particularly in K-2 to keep in the nurse's office for emergencies.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

From the School Nurse

With masks now being optional, you may be wondering when it is most important for your child to wear their mask at school. Well-fitting masks are most strongly recommended in the following scenarios to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19:

  • If your child has been identified as a close contact of someone diagnosed with COVID-19 outside the household, then masking for ten days following exposure can help prevent the spread.

  • If someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19, please notify the school nurse so she may determine when your child should return to school and provide masking recommendation guidance in line with current RIDOH recommendations for your situation.

  • If your child is returning to school after testing positive for COVID-19 following a five-day isolation period, they are strongly recommended to wear a mask for days 6-10 while around others.

You may also be wondering whether your child’s mask will still protect them if others in the environment are not masked. Yes, one-way masking still provides protection. This is especially true of surgical masks, n95 masks, kn95 masks, and kf94 masks.

If your child is sick, they should stay home from school. If your child has one major symptom or two minor symptoms (see below), they should test for COVID-19. PCR testing is recommended and readily available at the former Benny’s test site in Middletown. Please reach out to the school nurse if your child is sick and remember to fill out the notification form for attendance purposes. Your child may distance learn if they are out sick and the school nurse is aware that they are waiting for test results to return.

We are looking forward to more outdoor time and open windows with the warmer weather on the way. Please reach out with any questions!


Health and Safety Updates

Vaccination Rates

For information about Pre K-12 School Cases and Vaccination rates please visit this site.

Case Numbers (SY 2021-2022)

3/25 - 183

4/1 - 188

4/8 - 194

4/14 - 197

4/29 - 200


HPTA Meeting

Our next HPTA meeting will be Wednesday, May 18th at 6:30pm in the library.

Volunteer Opportunities

Visit the district volunteer page for information if you would like to become VIS approved to volunteer in school. The school department no longer requires proof of vaccination to be a volunteer. This process can take a month so please plan ahead.

  1. Google Form to register. It will put your name on Hathaway’s Volunteer Master List, alerting the VIS Coordinator that you plan to become a volunteer.

  2. VIS Authorization Form: A background check must be completed annually, by law in Rhode Island. You must fill out the authorization form for the background check and have it notarized. It also needs to include a copy of the front and back of your driver’s license, and a $5 check made out to ‘BCI.’ This form can be turned in at the school’s main office or at the school department building.

Check out our upcoming volunteer opportunities. We are nearing the end of the year with lots of exciting activities for our students. Many classes are going on field trips and we’ll have our field days for K-3 (June 2nd) and 4th Grade (June 3rd) - sign ups have already gone out for field day to the VIS approved volunteers. In order to make these events successful for our children we need volunteers. If you are volunteering within the school you are required to have a background check completed (VIS approval). This process can take 2-3 weeks to be completed. Please if you can and are interested get your background check done ASAP. It is good for 1 year!

Hathaway’s 9th Annual Springabaloo

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Springabaloo Fundraiser. It was a sold out event with 178 items up for auction. We could not have done it without the support of our Hathaway Community. We are happy to announce that we raised nearly $20,000!!!

Teacher Appreciation Week

We are celebrating our amazing teachers and staff next week May 2 - 6th. Here is the week's schedule!

Monday - All students should wear your teacher’s favorite color!

Tuesday - Teachers and staff can help themselves to the snack and drink cart/ table set up with lots of yummy goodies! Enjoy!!

Wednesday - It’s time to butter up our teachers and staff! Please have your child write a note or draw a picture to send in and give to their teacher. Teachers and staff should also check their mailboxes for a little surprise.

Thursday - A delicious luncheon will be provided for the teachers and staff to enjoy!

Friday - A fun surprise will be delivered to your hard working teachers and staff! Want a hit? It will be something for the teacher’s room to “perk” them up when they feel tired. AND Don’t forget to Dress up like your favorite teacher, silly costumes are encouraged! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Thank you for all your donations and support!

HPTA Board Elections

The HPTA Board has a few positions to be filled for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in being a part of the HPTA board, please complete the form or send an email to hathaway02871@gmail.com and hathawaypta@gmail.com by May 13th. Please include which positions you’d be interested in (or if you’d be willing to fill any role). We are happy to answer any questions you have about what is involved and what to expect. Once this information is collected the existing board will vote and announce the 2022/2023 school year HPTA board in June.

Potential positions are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, and Member at Large.

HPTA Board



Interested in Serving on A Committee?

During the summer and throughout the school year our school needs parent voice on committees. If you would like to be part of a committee, then please complete this form.

***If we have a high number of volunteers for a committee, then we will randomly select parent representation.

Choose Love - April Calendar

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Pre K Registration

The Portsmouth School Department is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 Integrated Preschool Program at Melville School, afternoon availability only. For information, visit the Preschool/ Early Childhood webpage at https://www.portsmouthschoolsri.org/page/preschool-early-childhood or contact Lauren Buress (buressl@portsmouthschoolsri.org).

Kindergarten Registration

The Portsmouth School Department is excited to begin registering and welcoming the Kindergarten class of 2035! The registration process for Kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year will open on February 1. During February, a parent/guardian for an eligible student should begin this process by visiting the Registration tab at the top of our district webpage: http://www.portsmouthschoolsri.org/. Important information including instructions on how to register (please be sure to register for the 2022-2023 school year), registration requirements, and other pertinent information can be found by accessing the link.

Securly Home

Securly Home is an app that allows parents to monitor their child’s Chromebook activity at home and add rules for home use. Please take some time to review the slideshow and recording of the parent meeting that took place on 9/16.

We encourage you to sign up now for Securly Home!

Google Slideshow


Hathaway Notification Form

Absent today? Going to be absent in the future? Early pick up? Need to communicate a change in pick up in the main office?

Please complete the Hathaway Notification Form.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep things organized and safe in our Hathaway community.

Asynchronous Learning

Students who need to quarantine will be provided with asynchronous distance learning. All teachers are prepared to have daily assignments and accompanying materials available for students on a regular basis. If an entire class is asked to quarantine, synchronous learning will be available to the entire class. Materials pick up may be scheduled.

Teachers will be sharing login procedures with students and families. It is important that your child is familiar with Google Classroom and how to access the necessary lessons. This will make for an easy transition if your child is asked to quarantine.

Accessing Aspen

If you are having issues accessing Aspen, you will have to email familyportal@portsmouthschoolsri.org with your child's name, date of birth, grade level, and your name. The system administrators will be able to restore access to your account and make sure that you can login.

Where Can I Find Past Parent Newsletters?

All of the past Hathaway Happenings can be found on our webpage.

Important Dates

Important Dates


May 2nd - May 6th - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3rd - Spring Picture Day

May 10th - Grade 3 Math RICAS

May 11th - Staff PD/DL Day

May 12th - Grade 3 Math RICAS

May 18th - Grade 4 Math RICAS

May 18th - HPTA Meeting, 6:30 PM, Library

May 19th - Grade 4 Math RICAS

May 20th - Grade 4 Field Trip to Breakers

May 25th, 26th, 27th - Math RICAS Makeups

June 1st - Early Release, 2:15 PM

June 2nd - Field Day, K-3

June 2nd - Grade 4 Fort Adams Field Trip

June 3rd - Grade 4 Field Day

June 3rd - Grade 1 Casey Farm Field Trip

June 6th - Rain Date K-3 Field Day

June 6th - Bill Harley Presentation, 9:15

June 6th - June 10th - Week of the Young Child

June 7th - Grade 3 Aquidneck Island Tour Field Trip (3AT/HA)

June 8th - Grade 2 Field Trip, Buttonwood Zoo

June 8th - Grade 4 State House Field Trip (TH/P)

June 8th - Grade 3 Aquidneck Island Tour Field Trip (3C/3H)

June 8th - HPTA Meeting, 6:30 PM, Library

June 9th - Grade 4 Fort Adams Field Trip

June 9th - Bill Harley Presentation (Rain Date), 915

June 10th - Community Meeting, 9:30 AM

June 14th - Grade 4 State House Field Trip (G/H)

June 16th - Grade 4 Field Day

June 17th - Rain Date Grade 4 Field Day

June 17th - Report Cards visible in Aspen

Howard Hathaway Elementary School

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