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How does the media affects teenagers?

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By Gabriella Moretti

The media is one of the most famous things for teens in today’s days. It includes internet (social media), television, movies, magazines, and many more. The function of the media is to provide people information of any kind. Even though the media’s most function is to provide information, it also provides communication (social media is an example).

Even though the media can be really positive, on the other hand, it can affect people negatively. Spending too much time on the media is not healthy. It was proved that students that use the media has more difficulties in learning than the students that do not spend a lot of time on the media. Another example of how the media affects students is that because of abbreviations that are usually used on text messages and on social media, teenagers are having spellings problems whenever it gets on writing formally. The media is not just affecting students on their learning, but it is affecting them in mostly everything. People that spend all their time on internet don’t know what is happening around them because they seem to care more about what is happening on the little screen in front of their face. Another type of media that really affects teenagers are commercials. Teens are getting depressed by comparing themselves with the famous people from the commercials (it is happening with teenagers boys and girls).

If teenagers spent less time on the media, they would not be so negatively affected; they would have more facility on learning and they would not feel bad about themselves by comparing themselves with someone famous from a commercial or advertisement. If people weren’t in the media for so long they would care more about what is around them in the real world instead of caring about what is happening on the digital world. There are so many other things that should be a lot more important than the media. Maybe if teenagers didn’t that much time on the media they would have a better relationship with their family; maybe they would spent more time with their family. The solution to this problem is simple, but people just don’t want to solve it.

Basically, the media is all about information and communication of any type. The media can be really positive for everyone, the only problem is that it seems like people just don’t know how to use it the correct way. They prefer to use it the way that will affect everybody in the negative way because today, money seems to be more important than anything else in this world...
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