Model Catapult Project

by: Maddie Mizelle, Clar Barron, Jackie Moran, Adolfo

Materials, Process, and Final Catapult

the first picture is the original materials before we started building and breaking them. aside from our base (the popcicle sticks hot glued to make a square). we then have our model built half way (the process of making it) and then a picure of how the triger was to be used and where it was. then the final project when everything was all together.

Problems that we thought we would face and what we actually faced.

what we thought: we orginally thought it would be much easier then what we eventually found out. we didnt think about a lot of things while designing it. we thought that our rubber bands might of snapped or that the arm of the catapult might go so fast from the snapping of the rubber band that it would have shot the ping pong ball straight down towards the floor.

what actually happened: as we went through the process of making it, we started to figure out little tricks so that what we expected to go wrong, didnt. we added two rubberbands and didnt make them insanly tight to prevent them from snapping. we also thought of putting a stick in front of the arm so that it could only go so far towards the ground to where the ping pong ball only has one way to go: up. (you can see the arm and doubled rubber bands in the top pictures)

materials: ping pong ball, rubber bands, hot glue (lots!), popcicle sticks, a nail, a paperclip, a piece of paper, and a string

Our catapult went almost 2.5 meters before it hit the ground on its first bounce. it then proceeded to roll past five meters!

Energies Used in Catapult

the energy used was more then just one type. it included three which all tied together to help make it a success. one kind was kinetic energy. kinetic energy is the movement energy; when the ping pong ball and arm are all in motion to fling over the body of the catapult. there was also potential which is before a movement. when something is still was has the POTENTIAL to move. like right before we cute the string to left our arm fling into the air and shoot the ping pong ball. the last kind is mechanical energy. mechanical energy is energy that involves the motion and position (kinetic and potential energy), or a combination of the both.


everyone contributed their part and helped make the project better. there was no assigned parts because we all worked together so that we all agreed on everything that was done!


this was our attempt at using "paint" to create our catapult from top view with the basket, ping pong ball, rubberbands, and sticks
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Clar Video