Book Swap

Grade One Readers are in for a treat!

Have some gently used books that aren't being read anymore? Are you bored of the same old books? Well…it's time for a BOOK SWAP. You can swap up to 5 children's books that are in good used condition. Good used condition means that all pages are there and there are no tears or other damage.

How it Works

For every book a student brings in to swap they will be given a ticket. Students will then use their ticket to swap books. Students may swap up to 5 books. Books that will be accepted to swap must be in good used condition (e.g., no missing pages or damaged books). We will only be swapping children's books. The swap will take place on…in the Grade One Pod on Friday, May 29th. We are asking students to bring in their books to be swapped by Wednesday, May 27th.

Bring in your used book by ...

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