Real Life Fractions

Dinachi Utah


"Sally do you want me to take you the store to get some ingredients for your bake sale says her mom." ''Okay, I said." When we get there I go for the baking aisle. I look for the chocolate chips and see they come in 1/4 oz in each bag. And the recipe calls for 8 ozs. So I need to figure out how many boxes I need to get. To do this I'm going to need to multiply 1/4 and 8/1(another way of putting a whole number). When you multiply you don't have to change the denominators so they will be alike. So I simply just multiply 8x1 (8) and 4x1 (4). So the answer is 8/4 which I simplify to get 2, I need 2 boxes of chocolate chips for my recipe.
When we come back home I go downstairs to work on my bake sale. I need to mix 1/2 cup of cane sugar and 3/4 cup of brown sugar together. To do that i'm going to have to find the least common denominator of the fractions which would be 4 so now the problem is 2/4 +3/4 the you just add the numerators together and you get 5/4 which is an improper fraction. So I have to divide 4 into 5 and I get 1 with a remainder of 1 so the answer is 11/4. The total amount of sugar for my recipe is 1 1/4. I'll finish this later. Now i'm going to make some lemonade.
Next I am going to need to make some lemonade. I have 39 1/4 lemons and a pint of lemonade takes 8 1/3 lemons. So I need to figure out how many pints of lemonade I can make. I will have to divide 156/4 by 3/25. My answer is 4 17/25 so that is about 4 pints. I can make 4 pints of lemonade
Next for the bake sale I am going to need cups and plates. I can only fit about 18 items on my table 6/8 of it is already cups. So I have to figure out with fraction of it will be plates. So I can subtract 18/1 by 6/8 to get 17 1/4 . 17 1/4 of my table will be plates
I'm done with my bake sale. Me my 5 friends and mom want some leftover cake. Each of them will get 1/6 of the cake, how much cake will be leftover. If any leftover how long will this last me if I eat 1/7 of it a day. I multiply 1/6 by 7/1 (how much people they are) and I get 1 1/7 (8/7). Then I divide it by 7/1 to get 56/7 to get 8. The cake will last me 8 days. Well, looks like i'm done my bake sale was a success and I even did some math to help me. I guess my teacher was right, we do need math in everyday life more than I thought.
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