10th Grade Digital Citizenship

Risky Online Relationships

Lesson #1: My Online Code

Essential Question:

What does it mean to do the right thing online?



Online Ethics

Key Points to Discuss as a Class:

Think of an ethical role model

Expectation of Privacy

Discussion Questions:

Expectations of privacy in a digital world?

How should privacy/ethics relate to people taking video and pictures of others?

Audio recordings?

What are some way to behave ethically online?

Can you think of a time or an example where you have seen someone behaving unethically online?

Lesson #2: Building Community Online

Essential Question:

How can websites foster community online?




Community breakers

Community builders

Social Media:

What are websites that promote positive community

Discussion Questions:

What kinds of things make a community feel positive and foster participation?

-What kinds of things foster an online community and help it grow?

-What factors make it break down?

Which aspects of social media build community?

Which aspects of social media break down community?

How can a community break down in a school?

Lesson #3: Risky Online Relationships

Essential Question:

How can you tell when an online relationship is risky?


Online Predator:

Risky Online Behavior:


Ally's Story: Second Thoughts on Sexting

Ally's Story: Second Thoughts on Sexting

Discussion Questions:

How can you avoid being involved in risky online relationships?

What examples of ways that people connect safely and responsibly online?

Are profile pictures trustworthy?

Do you know anyone that has ever made a fake profile?

Can you think of how you can build and leverage your online profile for a positive impact?

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