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February 14, 2014

Reading Bingo

What is Reading Bingo?

Reading Bingo is an optional reading incentive program designed to motivate and reward students for reading a variety of books. Students will not receive a grade for participating, and participation is not required.

How does it work?

Students who are interested in participating will be given their first Reading Bingo card. Each time the student reads a book in one of the categories, they can fill in the title and author of the book for that space. When the entire card is filled out, students should have their reading teacher sign the bottom and return the card to the library. Each time the student completes a card, he/she will earn a reward and advance to the next level. Completed cards will be kept in a binder in the library.

Why are there specific reading categories on the card?

Listing reading categories serves two purposes: it encourages students to explore the library to find different kinds of books, and it encourages them to read books about a wide variety of topics.

Other important information

  • Students may read the books in any order on the card and choose any titles that fit the categories. The books may come from any source (Glenview Library, public library, classroom, friends, home, etc.).
  • The cards should be signed only when they are completely filled out (before they are turned in to the library). Please do not sign cards until all the spaces on the card are completely filled in.
  • Each grade will have different book categories on their Bingo cards. There are six card levels (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) for each grade. Students may not skip levels. Since this is beginning mid-year, only three levels (purple, blue, green) will be offered this year.
  • Any book read by or to the student between now and May 15, 2014 may count. (Even older students like to be read to every now and then!)
  • Books read in class, by teachers, by a librarian, or for class assignments may also count.
  • The card must be completely full and contain the signature of the student’s reading teacher. Partially-completed or unsigned cards will not count.
  • Reading teachers will be given a folder to keep in the classroom for the in-progress cards. Please keep it in a place accessible to the students, so that they can easily fill in their next square, and so that they can bring it to the library to look for the next book they need.
  • Cards are to be turned in to the library. Students will get a new card (color-coded for the next level) when a completed card is turned in.
  • Each book counts only once. Students may not repeat the same book on two separate cards.


Purple level— access to check out books from the brand new selection on the cart

Blue level— access to check out the brand new books cart in the library and

the student may choose a free book to keep from a selection

Green level—reading celebration event in May

Glenview Library Resources... more than just books!

Items available for teachers:

Professional Collection-- located in the Conference Room near the library doors

-some new books were added recently....check them out!

Cart with class set of net books to check out for use in your classroom

Playaways (audiobooks)-- on Playaway display rack

Big Books-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

DVDs and VHS-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

Books on tape-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

Wonderful Website:

The Library of Congress Teacher Resources page has lesson plans that meet Common Core standards, as well as lots of primary sources and guides for using them in the classroom.

Interesting Infographic

This infographic was created by Nicole Jimenez, Instructional Designer with MNPS Library Services. She used to make it. It's true... I would love to be your BFF! :) Please, let me know if you want me to collaborate with you on PBL, info literacy, instructional design, or anything!
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Quote of the Week

The Five Laws of Library Science

  1. Books are for use.
  2. Every reader his [or her] book.
  3. Every book its reader.
  4. Save the time of the reader.
  5. The library is a growing organism.

--S. R. Ranganathan, 1931

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