Help wanted: needed apprenitces


What you are promised if you become an apprentice

* You get your own cabin or living quarters

* You receive 3 meals a day

* You are covered for any injures that may happen while an apprentice

* You can use most of the materials in the workshop, if given a valid reason for using them

* If for some unfortunate reason you die while in apprenticeship the guild will pay for your funeral

* You must be an apprentice for 4-5 years before becoming a member of the guild

What a bowyer is

*A bowyer is a bow maker, we make short bows, long bow cross, bows any type of bow.

*A bowyer has to be trained by a master craftsman and guild member.

*A bowyer will make arrows when necessary.

* They must be trained and have enough physical strength to fire a bow.

*A bowyer will have the following tools at their disposal: cutting tools, like an axe, a hammer, and nails,

*They need to be able to work with wood and leather and use a rack to bend the bows, so they will function properly.


*Skills that a bowyer will learn are the ability to work with wood using an axe, working with leather, using the rack to bend a bow, making arrows, and wood finishing techniques.

*The apprenticeship usually lasts three years, although more time is given if needed.

*Lastly you must be able to run a shop, if you are left alone and must take care of customers. You should be able to handle all types of people and make sure you receive the correct price for a item. Therefore, some knowledge of mathematics is involved.

Talented Apprentice

* If you are successful as a apprentice and can prove useful as a bowyer you will become a member of the guild, as long you don't commit any crimes against the guild or any other guilds.

* In order to be a permanent member of the guild and a master craftsman, you must create a masterpiece to prove you are useful to the guild and an accomplished bowyer

* Lastly, you shall be given a apprentice of your own to train, when one becomes available, and you will be held to the rules and regulations of the guild.

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