Able Tasman


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Fact file

Born: 1603 in Holland.

Died: October 10 1659 in Batvia, Indonesia.

Able lived in Amsterdam, Holland.

Abel Janszoon Tasman is best known for his voyages of 1642 and 1644 in the service of the United East India Company. He was the first known European explorer to reach the islands of Tasmania and New Zealand, and to sight the Fiji islands. His navigator, mapped substantial portions of Australia, New Zealand and some Pacific Islands.

The first voyage of Able Tasmano the Pacific Ocean

Tasman sailed first to Mauritius and arrived on 5 September 1642. After a four week stay on the island both ships left on 8 October. After a month's travel, snow and hail influenced Tasman to alter course to a more northern direction. On 24 November 1642 Abel Tasman sighted the west coast of Tasmania. Proceeding south he skirted the southern end of Tasmania and turned north-east. Tasman then claimed formal possession of the land on 3 December 1642. After some exploration, Tasman had intended to proceed in a northerly direction but as the wind was unfavorable he steered east. On 13 December they sighted land on the north-west coast of the South Island, New Zealand, becoming the first Europeans to do so. He sent ship's boats to gather water, but one of his boats was attacked by Māori in a double hulled waka (canoes) and four of his men were attacked and killed by mere.

How did he prepare for the journey?

He read previous travel logs, and many maps related to the sailing area. He examined the language of this area. He Looked for funding sources and select the way to sail. He was looking for a good crew of sailors and ships.

What equipment did he take along?

Filled a lot of barrels with fresh water. He has also brought weapons and preserved food.

Did they go alone or with a team?

He was a part of the expedition to find the “Unknown Southern Countries”

How long was the journey?

4 years

Characteristics that an explorer must have:

Courage, wisdom and navigating skills

Would I have liked to participate on Tasman's journey?No! Because it does not interest me

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