Customer Care Gift Exchange!

Holiday 2015

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What's This, What's This?

Same principle as a Secret Santa, but we also want everyone in the department to get to know each other better! Everyone in Care is invited to participate!

How Does It Work?

For this event, each participant is given a name and is responsible for buying or making a small gift of $5 (no more than $10) for their recipient. Each person giving a gift will receive a gift as well! All pairings are anonymous until the big reveal when the gifts are exchanged. What makes this event extra fun is that we ask you to include an introductory fact about yourself when you give the gift, so that we all can get to know each other better in the process! I'll be picking names on everyone's behalf; I'll reach out directly to you with who you're buying/making a gift for and you'll take it from there. =)

The Deets

  • The big reveal for our exchange will take place starting Wednesday, December 16th and go through Tuesday, December 22nd. You must give your gift and reveal your identity to your match at this time!
  • This event works just like a grab bag and is 100% voluntary. If you choose to participate, you must purchase a gift of around $5-$10 using your own money, which you will give to a random recipient determined by a drawing. If you won't be here on the 16th, you're still welcome to participate! Just be sure to get your gift to its recipient between the 16th and 22nd, with your name attached and fact attached.
  • Sign up for the event by Friday, December 11th. If you choose to participate, awesome - the more the merrier! To sign up, make your way to this form no later than December 11th, fill it out and you'll be good to go! If you don't sign up, your name won't be added to the drawing and you won't receive a gift. You be able to fill out any gift do's or don'ts on this form as well as any allergies or dislikes that might come into play--or anything that you'd LOVE to receive!
  • Your gift must arrive to its recipient along with a random, introductory fact about yourself. You may choose to keep your gift and fact anonymous at first, but you have to reveal yourself on the big reveal date! Please do not give your gift anonymously - the reveal is half the fun and will help you get to know your team mates better! Your fact can be anything from where you're from to a crazy adventure you've had! You aren't required to share anything too personal, we just want our teams getting to know a little more about each other. =)

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Part of the fun of Care's Gift Exchange is doing the detective work to get to know your person a little better (a little Facebook stalking, perhaps?). Ask around about their favorite things or have a chat with them to get to know them even better (just don't give away the surprise!)

If you're still stuck, no worries, we have some great ideas below. =)

  • Travel mugs
  • Journal or notebook
  • Gifts from our talented team members with their own businesses! (Here's looking at you, Anther Candle Co. , Paper Glass Project, and No Sleep Boutique!)
  • Stuffed animals
  • Bunny footie pajamas (think A Christmas Story)
  • Unique cookie cutters
  • A snuggie (ironic or otherwise--no judgement!)
  • Gift cards (to ModCloth, iTunes, Starbucks, etc)
  • ModCloth accessories

Please be mindful of your recipient, as that person may have preferences, food allergies and/or restrictions. For example, if your recipient is a male, that person likely won't want a cute headband. Feel free to seek out any of the leads with any questions and we can get you the answers without ruining the surprise. =)

Most Importantly---

Have fun! All of our leadership members are available if you need an extra hand in finding out random facts or the PERFECT gift for someone. :D