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Come to the beautiful land of Canada

What you need?!

If you would like to come to Canada as an economic immigrant, you will need:to take a online survey to see if your qualified. If qualified you must pay an application fee. Next, you will have to pass a medical exam that shows you do not have any illnesses that could endanger Canadians or strain Canada's health care system. Lastly, you must pass a security check that shows you have no criminal record and are not a security risk to Canada. Then your ready to be a Canadian citizen.

The Luxuries of Canada

Everyone should come to Canada for the joys of a lifetime

Canada is the country of rich and wealthy society.It has beautiful mountains and amazing scenery. Currently Canada is in an employee shortage and needs immigrants for the workforce. The oil industry especially and money will be flowing into your pockets.We also have a good economy, we are not crowded and have clean water!