America Revolution:Britain's side

By: Will Switzer

Events leading up to the revolution

Everyone's heard of the American revolution about how America succeeded from big bad Great Britain with there powerful monarchy and crazy religious laws. But I bet you have never heard the story of how a well organized country was broken apart by some ungrateful peasants. We pay for there voyages to the Americas and let them leave our country and they start complaining about a little extra taxes here and there of course it's gonna be more expensive they left us! The stamp act helps pay off the debts of our past battles which they got us into in the first place. The biggest slap in the face was the Boston tea party how dare they come and spill million dollars worth of tea into the ocean they could have proven there point in a less expensive way. We are all apart of the American revolution even if you never moved to the Americas. We have to house there troops we have to enter into wars and we have to pay more. The American Revolution is a waste of time money and resources.

Why the war started

The war could have been avoided for a number of reasons the first reason is the overtaxation of a lot of goods without the stamp act and over taxed tea and other products the Americans would not have got so upset. Also king George was ignoring the needs and letters of the Americans if Britain would have lowered the taxes and if the king would have acknowledged America more maybe the revolution would have never happened.

How the war affected Britain and the rest of the world

The victory over Britain changed a lot of things for starters Great Britain lost some of their dominance and power. It also opened the eyes of many other countries to the idea of democracy. It sparked the fire for exploration and settling new land. And long term started America with ought the revolution we might still be under the rule of Great Britain.