Criminal Psychology

Destany Purvey

How do I become a cirminal psychologist?

To become a Criminal Psychologist many years of college and various degrees are needed. There are also programs for psychologists that also need a degree in law as well as their main degrees for psychology.

Salary Range?

The average hourly wage is around $33 which averages to a yearly salary of $70, 000. In the US the hourly wage ranges from $17.50- $35.50. The yearly wage I about $34,198 to $90,791. With a yearly salary bonus of about 18,121 the yearly salary comes to 35,386 to 114,311.

Depending upon the years of work experience the yearly salary is as follows:

With less than 1 year of work the salary averages out to 34,435 to 80,000.

1 to 4 years ranges from 29,421 to 79,281.

5 to 9 ranges from 39,732 to103,925.

10 to 19 ranges from 30,639 to 171,275.

20 years or more ranges from 55,000 to 72,242.

Depending upon level of qualification the salary ranges from 45,122 to 85,429.

With a masters degree the salary is around 59,440.

With a Doctorate degree the salary ranges from 53,500 to 90,000

Education Level Needed?

To be a criminal psychologist you need at least a bachelors and masters degree. in most states it is also required that you have a doctorates degree.

Other training options include training by the FBI and Law Enforcement Organizations. Some even have a Juris Doctorate which is a law degree. There are even some Psychology programs that offer dual-degrees in law and psychology.

Certifycation or Testing Requirments

- a state certification exam

- training

- psychology licensing

Length of time to complete requirments?


-Masters Degree in Psychology takes about 2 years

-Masters Degree in Criminology takes about 2 years

-1 to 2 years assisting a chartered criminal psychologist

My career is available in what fields?

-Working with law enforcement or legal teams such as the FBI.