The Fire Next Time

Presented within an informative campfire meal

Main Arguments (The Graham Crackers)

Argument 1: Religion

Baldwin explains the impacts of religion on his life as well as the ideas that brought him to the church in the first place throughout The Fire Next Time. He also discusses the people that he met through the church.

Argument 2: Growing up in the Ghetto

Baldwin discusses life growing up in the Harlem Ghetto as well as how it affected him and how he was influenced to become involved with the church. He also discusses the things that other people growing up in the Harlem Ghetto turned to other than the church such as drugs.

Argument 3: Racial Relations

Baldwin references the treatment of African Americans throughout The Fire Next Time. He talks about how on a daily basis, African Americans are met with contempt and discriminatory attitudes.

Rhetorical Devices (The Marshmallows)

Baldwin makes use of strong diction, ethos, and pathos throughout The Fire Next Time. Baldwin makes use of strong diction to describe the Harlem Ghetto in which he grew up as well as to most effectively describe his thoughts on the treatment of African-Americans at the time. Baldwin makes use of ethos all throughout the book. He supports his points through his credibility as someone who himself, grew up in the ghetto. Baldwin uses pathos to portray his feelings of the treatment of African-Americans and appeal to the feelings of the readers through that portrayal.

Media Connection (The Chocolate Bar)