Political Cartoon & Analysis

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Symbolism:The banners,The Barrels

The Banners represent how the people don't agree with the 19th amendment that states alcohol is illegal and the barrels represent the alcohol and how the people love the alcohol.

Exaggeration:Well i feel that people dressing up as Liquor Barrels is over exaggerating but understand that the artist wanted to make the point that people really love alcohol.

Labeling:The labeling on the banners mean how the people express toward the 19th amendment for example Nun Rule association one banner says.

Analogy:well this cartoon states two situations 1.banning alcohol and 2. keeping alcohol

Irony:The irony is on one of the banners it states "WE are against Progress " the protesters know the United Staes wants change but they don't.

What issue is this Political Cartoon about? Its over the 19th amendment banning alcohol

What do you think is the cartoonists opinion over the issue? I think the cartoonist opinion is keeping alcohol is the right thing to do.

What other opinion can you imagine another person having on this issue? I think other person can think that the people are protesting against alcohol?

Did you find this cartoon persuasive? No because i think getting rid of alcohol will create less problems in this world.

What other persuasive techniques could the author use to make it more persuasive? No other technique.

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