By Lisa Sortino

Description of Career

A baker is someone who bakes and sells bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, etc. They bake and sell their food products in a bakery. Bakers can work in large factories, independent bakeries, and chain stores. A disadvantage of this career would be the inconvenient hours you would have to work so that your food product is fresh. Bakers may also have to work in crowded, hot, noisy areas like a kitchen. The base entry salary for this career is about $28,000 a year.

Required Education/Training

To become a baker you do not need an advanced education. Most bakers start as trainees or apprentices and learn how to be a baker through observing a baker. Bakers could also take high school or community college curses in culinary arts before they become a baker. Bakers need to learn about nutrition, government health regulations, the production process, and how to operate machinery like an oven. Le Cordon Bleu and are both culinary school services that would give the required training to become a baker.
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