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Co-op for Special Services - BISD, CISD, MISD, & WISD

A Resource Guide for Parents of Students with Special Needs

2022-2023 School Year

BISD, CISD, MISD, and WISD Families,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year.

Below you will find access to supplemental resources that your children currently use in their classrooms with their teachers, ranging from academics to social/emotional curriculum. We encourage you to utilize these resources at home. Thank you for your time and willingness to help our students continue to be successful.



New to special education? Wish to learn more about your child's disabilities? Stay tuned for helpful information regarding various disabilities and the implications of such on your child's learning and emotional needs.
Texas Tech Tele Health Outreach -Autism Support

This is an amazing resource for families of students with Autism. Connect them with this information for this free service. They provide: parent and group training all over the state of Texas!


Education Service Center (ESC-15) Organizational Chart

30 Essentials for Parents of Children with ADHD

In this informative, engaging < 3 hour presentation, Dr. Russel Barkley discusses ideas for parents of children diagnosed with ADHD.

Social/Emotional Support

Our teachers take a comprehensive approach to our students' learning. This includes ensuring that our students receive the social and emotional supports needed to be successful in the school setting. The following resources will allow you to continue these supports as you see fit in the home setting.
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Relevant and engaging online support for youth, covering an array of topics (stress, depression, bullying, sadness, setting goals, sleep, body image, grief, and more).

Character Lab

Character Lab is a nonprofit organization that connects researchers with educators to create greater knowledge about the conditions that lead to social, emotional, academic, and physical well-being for young people throughout the country.

Suicide & Mental Health Supports (NEW!)

Resources from the Concho Valley Suicide Prevention Coalition & More

Adam Parker - Social Emotional YouTube Channel

Your child can sing along with this school psychologist as he teaches important life skills (i.e., doubt, grit, time management, courage, and more!)

Mental Health Resources for Parents

This webpage offers guidance on a wide range of mental health topics (i.e., suicide, depression, anxiety) & how you can reach out for help for your kid.

Tips for Parents to Use at Home

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Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

Parents can help their children to develop the attitude of gratitude through a variety of simple acts and activities (NASP)

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Social & Emotional Supports - PARENT RESOURCES

UPDATE 5/4/2020; 4/20/2020; 4/6/2020. Social and Emotional Supports for Parents, Including: Behavior Help at Home

BASC Intervention Tip Sheets for Parents

UPDATE: 5/7/20 These will be available at no cost through June 30, 2020 and can provide support for: Attention Problems, Anxiety, Depression & Difficulties with Academics

Social & Emotional Supports - FOR STUDENTS

UPDATE 5/4/20; 4/20/20; 4/6/2020

My Calm Down Toolkit

Self-Regulation Station (Printables)

Academic Supports

Whether it's a game of BINGO featuring Reading and Math activities, or links to our favorite academic websites, these academic resources are sure to keep your kids learning and engaged.
Mark Rober - Science & Engineering YouTube Channel

Need a quick break from working on assignments? Watch these cool science and engineering videos with your kids. Sure to keep them interested and they may accidentally learn something, too!

Practical Ideas for Parents

TEA - Texas Reading Initiative

Fun Academic Websites for Children

ABCYa, Prodigy, FunBrain, PBS Kids, National Geographic & More!

Virtual Accommodations and Modifications

Parents can help their children utilize the accommodations and modifications found in their student's IEP

Reading & Writing Supports

Read text to students; Highlight areas of the screen for focus; Add colored overlays; Speech to text; Zoom the screen; And more! (Google Chrome, iDevice, Microsoft, Word Online)

BINGO - ELAR, Math, Science, Soc. Studies

Complete 5 ELAR tasks to earn a privilege!

Physical & Occupational Therapy Supports

Whether or not your student receives Occupational Therapy (OT) and/or Physical Therapy (PT) services, these exercises and techniques are recommended to keep your children active and in the best shape to learn.


Physical Therapy with Ms. Ashley


Looking for some physical therapy activities for your child? Our awesome therapist, Ms. Ashley, has everything you need here on her Padlet! Find some of the best therapist-approved activities to help strengthen your child's core, or just help them to get up, be active and have fun!

Gross Motor Activities

Crossing Midline, Body Awareness, & Bilateral Coordination Activities

Movement Breaks for Kids at Home

Links to Websites for Movement Fun

Motor Pathway

DIY Motor Pathway for Home (Printables)


Occupational Therapy with Ms. Beth


An AWESOME website created by one of our favorite occupational therapists, Mrs. Owens. Parents can get some of the very best exercises, OT-related activities, and more, all on one page!

Pre-Writing Skills

Tracing Lines, Visual Discrimination, Bilateral Integration (Printables)

Speech Therapy Resources

Speech & Language Supports

UPDATE: 12/02/2020 Multiple websites with great speech and language supports for parents to use from home.


Storm Speech Therapy - Lamp Words for Life Resources

Visual Impairment

VI Resources

A list of wonderful websites for parents to access to help their children with visual impairments be successful from home.

VI Resources

Here are some links recommended by our Visual Impairment service provider.

Other Fun!

Fun ideas and activities to get students involved at home!
Nightly Live Book Readings

Actor Josh Gad (Olaf)

National Park Virtual Tours

33 National Park Tours You Can Take Virtually From Home

Virtual Field Trips

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links (Mars, San Diego Zoo, etc.)

More Parent Resources

Explanation of IDD Services & Supports

Texas Health & Human Services - Explanation of Services & Supports - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (including Medicaid programs, residential options, selecting service providers, and more)

Crisis Resources for You and Your Child (NEW!)

Provides contact info for resources covering a range of topics (i.e., suicide, abuse, addiction, disaster distress, and more)

West Texas Counseling & Guidance

Provide a range of counseling and therapy services to the community


Help for Parents & Hope for Kids - Parenting tips from experts and family fun!

Aunt Bertha

By simply entering a zip code, the site will find food, counseling, health, housing, legal, job training and much more in the area.

HHS Children's Autism Program

Provides focused ABA services through local community agencies & organizations at minimal cost (requires parent training)

Texas Community Partner Program

Great way for families to apply for benefits (anything & everything, including available waiver programs)

Boardmaker visuals for at-home schedule

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