Greek v.s Persians


Who were the Persians?

Persian was a Greek Emperor. He was the biggest Emperor, he wasn't only big but was powerful. He had so much power that he controlled from Egypt to India.
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Who was involved in it?

The people who lived in Turkey. They were called Ionian. The Persians took over the people (Ionian). The Ionian contacted Athens and other Greek cities for help. Sadly the Ionian were defeated miserably by the Persian empire. the empire was pissed off that they tried attacking on him so he decided to take over the rest of the cities. To keep them under control.

When did it occur?

In 490 B.C. the Persian king decided to take over Greek.

Where did it occur?

The war was at the Bay of Marathon, it is 25 miles away from Athens. The Persian had way more soldiers than the Greeks. Though the Persian soldiers were weak. The Greek killed 6 000 Persian soldiers. The Persians killed 192 Greeks. After the Greek soldiers ran back to Athens to stop Persians from running . That is how marathon running started.

Why did it occur?

The Persians kept looking at the Athens so they got pissed off. And they attacked the Persians.

What was the outcome?

The Athens built up lot's of ships and attacked. Alexandra the great defeated Persians
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In this war How many people did the Greeks kill and how many people did the Persians kill?

The Greeks killed 6 000 soldiers of the Persians. The Persians killed about 192 soldiers of the Greeks. It was a really surprising outcome for me and my friends we did not expect this outcome as it is now.
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