ELL Tech Tools

Integrating Technology into the HIGH SCHOOL ELL Classroom

Digital Cameras

Students can be challenged to take photos of things around their school or home environment. The teacher can collect the images, add text to the images that includes the vocabulary word (the English word for what is in the photo), and then share the images with the class as a means for everyone to practice/learn those vocabulary words.
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Text to Talk

Google Docs have a great new feature called "Text to Talk". This technology tool can be used many ways in the ELL classroom, including for teachers to give feedback to students. Students could use Google docs to complete their assignments, and 'share' them with their teacher. The teacher can add text directly to the doc, which the student can see in real-time. The student can then highlight a portion of text (the teacher's feedback) and have Google read it to him by clicking on the "text to talk" feature.
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To display their learning, ELL students might benefit from using something like Wideo to make a video to share with their teacher and/or peers. The students could record themselves performing a task, or perhaps working out an equation for math. They can then upload the video, add text and other features to the video in order to customize it. Then they can share the video to demonstrate their understanding of the task/lesson.
How to Use Wideo