Land Available in Virginia

Claim it quick- or it'll be gone

There is abundant economic opportunity!

Ever since tobacco was introduced to the colonies its production has exploded. Countries like our mother country Britain cannot seem to get enough of it and are constantly asking for more. This requires more and more people to grow it. Virginia is one of the colonies with the highest production of tobacco and it is the back-bone of our economy. The abundant land makes it easier to grow tobacco in large amounts and makes it easier for you to earn vast amounts of easy money. The best part is that your physical involvement can be very minimal as you can easily just use your slaves to produce as much tobacco as possible. Come quick and take up this highly lucrative economic opportunity.

Background of our Great Colony

We are proud to say that the first successful colony in the New World was established here in Virginia; Jamestown was established along the James River in 1607. This great first colony suffered its hardships but also featured great names like the "un-kill able" John Smith and tobacco mastermind John Rolfe. Therefore moving here would also be like becoming apart of the history that made all the other colonies possible. At first we adopted a Charter but we quickly revoked it and became a Royal Colony, so your British background will fit in perfectly. Like most colonies, Virginia was founded with the desire to gain wealth and to spread the Anglican faith and thus settling in Virginia will give you the opportunity to do both. What's not to like about Virginia!