Southeast Region

Come visit the Southeast Region, home of Walt Disney World!

Southeast Region Location

The Southeast region is located South of Canada and West of the Atlantic Ocean. It's a very great place to be! Warm and sunny is what you need!

The States In The Southeast Region

There are a lot of immense states made for lots of people! Some of the states are, Kentucky, West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Virginia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina! There is also, Disney World in Florida!

The Southeast Region Is Amazing!

The Southeast Climate

The Southeast climate is very warm! It is warm and very wet. There can be small or big floods, but no matter what it's warm! There isn't a very big winter there as well, so you might never need a coat!

Some Interesting Facts

The Southeast is a pretty amazing place to be! With all kinds of tourist attractions like the Everglades, or maybe Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden! Also, some of the biggest mountain peaks in the Eastern United States! The Everglades is absolutely beautiful! Many tourists go there just to see the animals and just the way it looks, for pictures and postcards, to send out to there families or others go to see the large Everglades that have swamps, forests, and many other things. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is a place full of alluring things! It is an 83 acre garden filled with rare Tropical plants, including, Palms, Cycads, Flowering Trees, and vines! It is located in Metropolitan, Miami, if you would want to see it! Also the Southeast is known for it's sandy beaches! There are ''MILLIONS'' of beaches there! One, is called, Myrtle Beach, located in South Carolina! Myrtle Beach is one of the most busiest beaches ever will hundreds of people a day! In the Southeast region, there is the BIGGEST house in America! There is 4 acres of floor or a rough 174,240 square feet! Gigantic, huh? Well, it had earned a prize for being the biggest house in America! This house includes, 250 rooms complete with 65 fireplaces, 34 bedrooms, and indoor pool, and a bowling alley and more! At more than a mile high, Mount Mitchell is the highest peak in the Eastern United State. It is located in the Black Mountains! Many camp places, forests, and places to stay!

Southeast: The Warm, Appealing Paradise

The Southeast is the place where YOU would want to be! It has warm and beautiful oceans, big, sandy beaches, fun and appealing amusement parks, and so much more! The Southeast region is as awesome as you can get it, so, all the happy, and WARM people would LOVE to see YOU down at the Southeast region!