Visit San Jose, Costa Rica

Come see the beautiful capital of Costa Rica

Place (Physical Characteristics)

When you visit San Jose, Costa Rica you will see rich green, mountain peaks valley and rain-forest, warm beaches, waterfalls, and hot springs.

Human Characteristics

People in San Jose speak Spanish. People, products, information, and ideas move from one place to another. Over 25% of Costa Rica is set aside to preserve wildlife and rain-forest. In San Jose there are lots of volcanic areas.


The absolute location is 9.6000 N, 83.9500 W. The relative location is in the middle. in between Caribbean Sea and Northern Pacific Ocean. It's in Central America.


The Region is a big area of land that has physical and cultural characteristics that makes it unique. Caribbean, Central Valley, and Northern Pacific.

Other Information

Costa Rica didn't use street signs until 2012. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica. There are 800 miles of coastline, both on the Atlantic and Pacific. They don't really have summer or Winter like the USA, but a dry season that runs December-April and rainy season that runs May-November.

Human/Environment Interactions

People move around when pass beans and other types of foods on there. The Costa Ricans committed to preserve nature. That's why there is so much land that is covered with tree's. Also, human depend on the land to produce coffee and bananas. Costa Rica has earthquakes, and people suffer from that. Another example is when the volcanoes, villages get destroyed.


People transport to/with buses, trains, taxis's, and airports.
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