Salut Moldova - update

Let's see what Salut Moldova training is doing these days?

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What Calarasi youth learnt?

"Salut Calarasi" was a great success - at least that is what the Mayor of Calarasi says. The youth is active and they implemented their first projects as a result of our training.

We move forward - South of Moldova

Salut Basarabeasca

The results of our program is encouraging and empowering more communities to take action. The Mayor's office of Basarabeasca town invited us to help them training the local youth and start the Youth council.

The training took place at the end of January and trained over 20 youth and 3 leaders. Now is the time for them to work on project implementation.

Teams will work on projects like: Give an identity to the town - name the streets; After-school activities for youth; setting up an outdoor space for locals; Help schools bring food services to middle school age kids.

All the ideas were generated by the youth and each team selected the one idea that they were passionate and considered realistic to implement during the 3 months.

Salut Moldova - moving to the next community

Our Community and Organizational Development Volunteer - Ellen, presented the idea of Salut Moldova to her partner - Director of Town Library. The Library partnered with the Mayor's office and more than 20 youth will be trained at the end of February on leadership and community engagement topics.