Sigmund Freud

Psychoanalyst/ Neurologist

Sigmund Freud May 6, 1856-September 23, 1939

Born in Pribor (Germany) Czech Republic

  • First born of eight children
  • Best known for Psychoanalysis
  • Tendency to trace all psychological problems back to sexual issues
  • Used hypnosis in his clinical work
  • Had followers group grew to 16 members
  • Spent most of his life in Vienna 1891-1938



Fields of study

  • Neurology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalysis


University of Vienna (MD,1881)

Interesting Facts

  • Heavy smoker ,and had more than 30 surgeries to treat mouth cancer
  • Used cocaine
  • Became a doctor in order to marry the woman he loved