Ms. Kramr's 3rd Grade Newsletter

October 19-23

What we are learning...

Math- This week we’ll practice finding the perimeter of figures using rulers or figuring out the unknown length using the information we can see. We’ll look at different ways to describe time and work on adding or subtracting jumps of time. Example: 30 minutes and 45 minutes makes 1 hour and 15 minutes. We will end our week with a test over perimeter and time.

Reading- This week we continue to look at styles of poetry and the students will learn to analyze a poem using SOAPStone. We will also be taking our first and second Reading DCA. The first will be reading a short story and responding to questions as well as one written in response. The second will be reading a poem and responding to questions

Science/Social Studies- This week in science, students will be exploring with mixtures. We are going to be making a Halloween Trail Mix to show a student how you can separate parts of a mixture. Ask your child about the different types of mixtures.

Writing- We will be continuing with Poetry. Students will be writing poetry in a structured framework. Themes will be fall, ourselves, and colors. Ask your child how they applied their 5 senses to writing poetry.


-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are PE days.

-Tuesday is library

-Please check your child's planner each night.

Community First Village Field Trip

Nutcracker Field Trip

Please remember to turn in your field trip money and permission forms to your teacher. (Most forms are on line.)

Dates to remember:

Oct. 26-Oct. 30 Red Ribbon Week

October 28: Early Release (12:45)

Nov. 5th : Community First Fieldtrip

Nov. 6th: School Wide Assembly

Class Wishlist

Notebook paper

AA batteries

  • Monopoly
  • Checkers/Chess
  • Guess Who-the game
  • Legos
  • 22 book boxes plastic or carton material. A picture of one is shown below. It doesn't need to be this fancy, plain will do.:)
  • Big image