EMT's & Paramedics

An EMT’s job is to transport sick people in an ambulance


Some responsibilities of an EMT are...

- Respond to 911 Calls

- Access a patients condition

- Use backboards to keep patients safe while in transportation

- Help transfer patients to the emergancy departments

- Report observations to the staff

- Create a patient care report

- Replaced use supplies and clean or check the supplies that have been used

Education and Training

What you need to be an EMT or Paramedic...

- High school diploma

- Paramedics need a associate’s degree

- All states EMT's and paramedics need to be licensed
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Work Environment

The work environment is like...

- Work both indoors and outdoors

- Work in all types of weather

- Their work could be stressful

- Most paid EMT’s work in metropolitan areas

- Volunteer EMT’s are more common in small cities, towns and rural areas.


Augustana College is at 639 38th St, Rock Island, IL 61201. Augustana College is adjacent to the Mississippi River,

Admission Requirements

Tuition Costs

The fee for this school year 2014-2015 is $46,671. Here is the breakdown -

Tuition and Fees- $37,236

Standard Meal Plan- $4,659

Housing- $4,776

Some other costs would be -

Books and Supplies-$1,000

Personal Expenses- $800

Travel Expenses- $400-$800 (Depending on where your home is at)

The School

I really like this school because it is not to far from home, about 3 hours and I also just like the school itself. My older sister goes to the school and from going there to see her I really love the school. Also, for the career that I really want to do I could go into a science class there and learn more in that class just like my sister is. I want to be somewhere in the medical field. If I study more science and take classes there that go along the lines of science I then can go into medical schooling.
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