Surviving in a Zombie Apocalypse

read me if you wanna be safe

Rocky Mountains

These mountains stretches from Alaska to new mexico. These mountain are rugged and pointy and are younger and taller then the Appalachian mountains. This region contains the Continental Divide. Which means that when it rain's on one side it goes to the pacific and when it rain's from the other then it goes to the nearest river. I'd rate this a 6/10, because since there younger an taller then there harder to climb and difficult to get away in anyway.

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Basin and Range

This Region is Isolated mountain ranges of different heights. It also contains canyons and death valley. This is the lowest point in north america. I'd rate this a 8/10, if you really look a it then you would see that if you were at the top the you could hide out there without them knowing. And since there different heights and there's a low part the it would be like a pirate ship, also bad because going down isn't that steep so they could be running and still catch you.
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Great Plains

This region is a flat land, known for dry grassland maybe a little steep with holes your can trip on that's not good. This region is located right in the middle of the U.S. This area is common for tornado's which is worst then dry grassland. I'd rate this region 3/10. I'll be honest this isn't the best place to be first of all theirs no hiding spot there so they will spot you like a prey. 2 if theirs a tornado then its good because it will suck up all the zombies yea but what about you, you will get sucked up as well and its easier getting eaton the getting killed in the sky by flying.
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