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May 27

Engaged to be Effective

Using Google Forms for Formative Assessments

Google forms is a quick and easy way to assess your students! You can create multiple-choice, short & long response, checklists, and more! Google will compile and grade (if you want) the responses for you. This allows you to quickly assess your students to help you determine the needs for your next lesson!

Here is an example of a formative assessment I created! If you would like to try this out before the end of the school year, please let me know :)


Looking to Gain Feedback on Your Teaching From Students?

This year I am asking the students to grade my teaching performance using a google form. Here is a sample of a teacher report card - it is designed for young language learners, but you can quickly write one for your class. Come see

Gabrielle if you are interested in trying this out.

You Rock!

  • Kate rocks for sharing her classroom items with me!

    Heather rocks for always supporting JA at various events that occur after school!

    Erika rocks for doing a wonderful job translating the 6th grade transition meetings!

    Gina rocks for representing the 6th grade team at the transition meetings!

    Liz rocks for staying so organized with all of our meetings this entire year!

    Annette rocks for always looking out for what is best for each student!

    Monica and Michelle rock for running a great school all year long!

  • To Michelle, Joe, and Kevin for cheering on our sixth graders at the Track and Field meet. It was wonderful to see the amount of school spirit within our kids and the great sportsmanship towards other District 15 schools.

    To Monica for having our GOTR girls represent JA at the board meeting. Our students were recognized for all their hard work and dedication and they were glowing with JA pride while saying the pledge!

    To Belinda, Sandy and my sixth grade team for going above and beyond to help with coverage. You all are awesome!

  • You Rock 5th grade team for being sensitive to the academic and socio emotional needs of your students.

  • Terry and Claudia rock, for being the two greatest team-mates a gal could ask for :)

  • Gabrielle rocks for being such a supportive and knowledgeable mentor!

    Rupal rocks for helping me with great ideas for 6th grade Word Generation!

  • Stephanie rocks for being so organized and saving all her second grade files to an external hard drive for me! Fourth grade is lucky to have her! I will miss her! :(

  • Claudia ROCKS for letting me teach her fun Kinder friends!

  • Mary Mathey rocks for all the hard work she does inspiring students to be creative :)

  • Liz ROCKS for keeping us all on track and moving ahead!

  • Michelle A. - always answering ​questions so quickly and having an open door policy

  • Much thanks to my 6th grade team for all of their support when I was sick and had to be out for a few days.

  • Sandy Ramsland for finding me a leveled book for a student at a moment's notice. A life saver, as usual!!

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