What is a Digital Footprint?

What is a digital footprint and why is it important?

A digital footprint is a trace you leave behind in the internet. It can either be good or bad but it all depends on what you search, share, post etc. And it's important because it stays in the internet forever and can cause good or bad things in your future.

What impact can it have on my future?

A digital footprint can either be good or bad, depends how you're using it. And if it's bad, then you're screwed because it'll stay online forever, even if it was private. It can affect once you're getting a job. Let's say you're applying for a job and your boss searches you up online and sees that all you post is bad things, he won't hire you at all and he'll see the kind of person you are. That can be a very harmful thing. But if you have a good digital footprint, it'll be more helpful with getting hired and it'll bring a good perspective of yourself.

How can I keep a good Digital Footprint?

Keeping a good Digital Footprint can be pretty easy. Some tips and ideas can be:

  • Post good things
  • Be careful with what you search up
  • Take care of what you post about yourself like pictures.
  • Think before you post things online.

What does my Digital Footprint consist of?

My Digital Footprint consist of many social media like Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. I use these tools to communicate with friends and family and even for school purpose (projects, blogs).

Important things I've learned

The most important thing I've learned about keeping a good digital footprint is to always watch what you post, share, like, and search online because everything you do online will stay online forever even if it's private.