Beach Erosion

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#1 Reference of East Anglia Sand Erosion

Many stretches of the East Anglia, England coastline are prone to heavy levels of erosion, such as the collapsed section of cliffs at Hunstanton, Norfolk

#5 Reference of Sand Erosion on Turtle Beach

This happens to Turtle Beach every year and they have to bring in sand to fix it. But I can find some really cool stuff in the banks!

Hawaii Beach Erosoin Article

Sea level rise may be the main force driving beach erosion in Hawaii, new research suggests. Read more here:

Swept Away: Beach Erosion Continues To Be Huge Problem For Texas (article written in 2013)

The five-year anniversary of Hurricane Ike is still several months away, but the effects of what the historic storm did to the Texas coastline have been relentless, especially when it comes to beach erosion in and around the Galveston area where parts of the island lost more than 100 feet of shoreline, says a Texas A&M University at Galveston professor. Read more here:

1-10 Questions

1. damming of waterways property loss.

2. we loose natural barriers to storms and hurricanes.

3. Coastal land forms, Rocky coasts, Sandy mainland and barrier beaches, coastal wetlands, and coral reefs.

4. Seabirds & Waterfowl.

5. They are blown out of their nests.

6. Yes, because Galveston bay has beaches and coastal wetlands.

7. Yes, because they can loose property to this.

8. Man, hurricane, and storms.

9. There have been solution attempted such as, Jettis,which can lead to significant retention of beach sand on the updrift side, but there is coastal degradation on the downdrift side. Sea walls constructed to protect property along eroding beaches often makes the conditions worse.

10. Try to rebuild natural sand dunes like what is being done on Galvetson Island.