No Drugs, No Problems

By: Wade Palma

What some drugs can do.

Say no to drugs if someone offers one. Soon, if you do, you may become a angry violent person who gets into a lot of trouble. It is also very bad for your health. If you choose to smoke cigarettes, you could get lung cancer and die. If you use alcohol you can develop liver disease, blurred vision, anxiety, and alcoholism.

The two kinds of drugs.

Drugs can be legal or illegal depending on which drug. Things like heroin, which can have painful withdrawal, extreme addiction, liver disease, and collapsed veins, are illegal. Things like aspirin, a pill some parents or doctors give to people for headache, are legal. But, even some legal drugs and drugs doctor give you can sometimes be harmful. People make it harmful by abusing it and using to much.

Why you shouldn't do drugs.

Some people want everyone to do drugs. Some people may know you who do that. So if someone asks you to do it, say no to them and walk away. Some people who do that may even go to your school. If your best friend tells you to smoke a cigarette, say no and walk away. The drugs can make you addicted and make you do terrible thing, like bullying, skipping school, swearing at your parents, and not paying attention or learning. So if any asks you, just say no.