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Annie Nierman-September 2015

Where is Annie?

While my schedule is always in flex, I plan to be...

at Sunset Valley 9/14-9/18, 9/28-9/30

at Woodland 9/7-9/11, 9/21-9/25

but I am always an e-mail away if you need me!

September is National Library Card Month!

There are SO many resources available to our students through Mid-Continent Public Library.

Our school use card unlocks these resources for our students when we are in the building, but with their Chromebooks going home, having access at home is important.

Here is the link to the MCPL site.

Families can visit any of the MCPL branches to sign up for a library card!

Feel free to share this information with parents through your newsletters, blogs, websites, etc.

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Encourage Students to Persist Through Challenges

Encourage students to persist through challenges to build a growth mindset. In this video we discuss tips and strategies you can use to help students persevere through learning challenges.