By Brilliance Connally

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Poland is famous for their foods, which are quite delicious. Although some polish foods are quite atrocious, I'll be giving you only delightful foods.

  1. Kielbasa: Kielbasa is Poland's link sausages, They are spicy, thick, and juicy.
  2. Klopsiki: Klopsiki is a Spaghetti only served with meatballs and tomato sauce.
  3. Kompot: Kompot is a juice made from various fruits.
  4. Krupnik: Krupnik is a soup made out of vegetable broth, chicken, beef, and carrots.
  5. Rosol: Rosol is only clear heated chicken broth.

Capital and Countries Nearby

The capital of Poland is Warsaw, a extremely populated urban city. Neighboring countries include Norway, Germany, Denmark, and Iceland.

Climate and Weather

Poland is extremely moisturized. The weather in the summer is decently hot. The weather in spring is fall and warm, but in the winter Poland is often very chilly.


The only language poles speak is Polish.

Geography Facts

  • The geography in Poland is mostly a Renaisance.
  • Poland is 120,708 square miles

Other Interesting Facts

  • Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939
  • 95% of Poles are Roman Catholic
  • Poland was founded by Duke Mieszko
  • Currency named Zloty
  • President of Poland named Andzrej Duda
  • The Population of Poland is over 38,383,804