$20 Virus & Spyware Removal!!!

Speed Your PC Up Dramatically!

Your Computer Could Have A Virus Even If You Have Anti-Virus Protection!!!

That's why we're offering on site virus and malware removal at $20 for the first computer and $15 for each additional computer!!! That's right! For just $20 we'll come to your house and remove all the viruses and malware/ spyware from your PC or Android phone. ONLY $15 for each additional computer or android phone!


We Also Do:

System reboots ONLY $25 for the first computer and $20 for each additional computer!!!

Clean installs!!! $30 for the first computer plus the cost of software, $25 for each additional computer!!!

Any other problems can be fixed for $35 for the first computer and $30 for each additional computer plus the price of parts!

Computer Repair At It’s Best!

Visalia Computer Solutions is an excellent example of what a business can be when it's staff loves what it does and is passionate about helping people fix their computer problems. We're different from the usual computer repair company because we love being personable and helpful. And we won't kill your pocketbook like the big electronics stores will.

Our staff is highly qualified and experienced. If we can't fix the problem no one can! And we're confident that we can fix the problem faster and at a better price than just about anybody.

We know how frustrating a slow or broken computer can be. Don’t worry! We can help!


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