Goodbye rOctober

Hello No Excuses November!

Time to Celebrate, Inspire and Motivate!

Hello Fabulous Team!

We are off to an amazing Q4 - time for some kudos, updates, and info! Time to celebrate all of the incredible accomplishments from October and time to start making some goals for next month.

On our Leader Call today, we talked about this month being "No Excuses November". Just a playful little title to remind us to "share the joy" all month long. Whether your goal is to do one trunk show or 10, sell $500 or $5000, sponsor 1 or 3, or just build your confidence in this business....I am always here to cheer you on, brainstorm ideas with you, and help you have "no excuses" when you work towards YOUR definition of success and happiness with this fabulous, flexible, and pretty festive business!

xo Missy


Are we pretty awesome or what???

Check out this incredible list of gals who ROCKED their selling and sponsoring skills!

Congrats to these STELLAR SELLERS who earned $100 for every $5000 they sold!

Stefanie Ott 10795.36

Shannon Burgwald 9614.2

Erin Kohrherr 5817.2

Yipee Skippy to these gals who gave themselves a 5% raise and earned 30% commission!

Katherine Foster 4992

Kristina Schultz 4288.26

Melissa Bryan 4175.01

Rachel Cogan 3070.9

Lindsay Defruscio 2897.8

Kathryn Schaible 2877

Meredith Cashdollar 2793.05

Amy Pasqua 2477.75

Danielle Guarino 2436

Carli Orth 2432

Bonnie Frain 2328.22

Yahooey-i-ay to these ladies who qualified and are 1/3 of their way to their consistency bonus (and extra $100 in product credit when you sell $500 or more Oct, Nov, and Dec). Enjoy those business supply credits, too!

Lauren Harrington 2216.5

Megan Harkin 2157.5

Julie Robenhymer 1978.5

Victoria Miller 1922.81

Liane Hauser 1898.5

Melanie Reagan 1895.5

Melissa O'hara 1874

Ann Heffelfinger 1658.51

Debbie Roman 1640.5

Dekia Smith 1620

Suzy Albert 1572.75

Megan Carmosky 1568.5

Shannon Garrison 1534.65

Erika Powell 1500.75

Stacy Bernotas 1449

Susan Lopez 1322.75

Robin Ellis 1239

Natalie Barlick-Reed 1237

Andrea Petrone 1200

Tina Moyers 1163.25


Melissa Braithwaite 1133.01

Pamela Sullivan 1118.89

Ardis Pitone 1093.05

Jeanine Nau 1075.43

Lindsey Stookey 1066

Jennifer Brasko 878

Ann Marie Phillips 872.75

Mary McGarr 861

Vera Tidd 850.5

Adrienne Oehlers 804

Lisa Mondok 781

Daniela Glomb 774.25

Jill Slivka 757.25

Kara Hershey 752.4

Kristin Lawlor 696.5

Jennifer Mcgorry 686.9

Courtney Coleman 682

Danita Hake 665

Ashli Heckman 649.05

Angela Monaco 646

Christine Sanders 640.4

Christina Catalano 599.5

Khristina Tan 595

Kelly Greenawalt 577

Katherine Waldner 575.5

Mary Adams 557.75

Virginia Rosso 557

Linda Lyons 540

Jessica Mollica 531

Debbie Oddi 524.5

Ericha Guzzetti 520

Julie Weller 510

Cheers to these leaders who partnered up with their new stylists to get them off to a strong start

Erin Kohrherr 3

Melissa Bryan 2

Katherine Foster 2

Stefanie Ott 1

Ann Heffelfinger 1

Bonnie Frain 1

Susan Lopez 1

Danielle Guarino 1

Ericha Guzzetti 1

And a huge warm WELCOME to the new stylists on our team - our team is growing by leaps and bounds!!!!!!!!!! Way to share the style and offer a GIFT of an amazing opportunity to these girls....

Big image

Congrats to new Senior Stylist Kate Foster!!!!!!

Wow - this girl is on fire! She is sharing the style everywhere she goes. Leadership looks gorgeous on you, Kate!

Know what it takes to be a Senior Stylist?

2 qualified stylists (they each must sell at least $500 retail)

personally sell $1,539

as a team sell $6,154 retail

Who is going to be celebrated for this promotion next?????


A few more reasons to sparkle....