uniforms in the game

by: jordan conner

what is your opinion

my opinion is we should wear uniforms.it make our life's much easier.a peraon could care less about how you are as a persons if you dont look right they are going to treat you like you dont look right.it will help our education, personality, and also life.it is hard for some of these things to go in action if we dont put them into action. it starts with us before anyone else.

lets stop and learn the facts

seven states took in uniforms in .they thought it would help people to take in the natural beatuy in things and see ever thing in life they prossible could and try to regain knowledge to the teachers.

why would you say stuff like this?

students could care less about what they have to be doing.there just sitting there looking at that last years shirt.that is why people say that education comes first. you can say that fashion comes first in your mind your sitting there day dream about what you are going to do when you go to the mall. but if you are wearing a uniform. who cares what you buy you still have to go in there with a uniform on.

other peoples opinions