Dream Vacation

What is My Dream Vacation?

My dream vacation is Hawaii, Hawaii is a really pretty place and the oceans are see through and a really pretty shade of light blue.
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Where is Hawaii located?

Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean Hawaii is surrounded by 8 other islands. the eight islands are Mavi, Oahu, Kahoo, Lawe, Lani . Molokia, Kauai, Niihau , Kaala,

Why do I want to visit Hawaii?

I want to visit Hawaii because, I was born in Hawaii and i really did not get to see Hawaii because i was a baby. I would also like to visit Hawaii because it is really pretty and there is a lot of things you can do there.I wish I still lived there because it is just so awesome.

What Makes Hawaii so Great?

Hawaii is great because there is so many things you can learn about that you did not know before. You can try new food that you have never tried the food is actually really good there; I personally like the coconut shrimp
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10 Facts About Hawaii

1. Hawaii is the most isolated culture on the earth

2.More then one third of the earths supply of pineapple comes from Hawaii

3.Hawaii was the 50th state admitted

4.Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee

5.From east to west Hawaii is the widest state in the United States

6.Under sea volcanoes that erupted a long time ago and they formed the islands of Hawaii

7.The Hawaiian islands are projecting the largest mountain range in the world

8.Hawaii has a flower to represent each island

9.Hawaii consists over 130 points of land

10.The largest island in Hawaii is Kaua

How Long will it Take to Get To Hawaii To Texas?

If I want to get to Hawaii from Texas it will take 11 hours and 35 minutes!
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How Far away is Texas From Hawaii?

It is 3,518 miles away from Texas so It will take a long time to get there.

Who Will I Take With Me?

If I got to chose who would go with me I would chose my best friend and my mom. I would take my best friend because, my best friend was born in Hawaii and my best friend wants to go to Hawaii. I would take my mom because, my mom would not let my go alone so my mom would come no matter what.

How Will I Get to Hawaii?

I would get to Hawaii by taking a plane it will be a very long flight and it will not be comfterable in those airplaine seats. I would personallynot like to take a plane because I am afraid of hights but I would have no choice but to take a plane because you can only take a plane to Hawaii you can not take a car because hawaii is surrounded by water.
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How Long Will I be in Hawaii?

I will be in Hawaii for a week i am going to stay in Hawaii for a week because i would want to have a chance to see everything and to do everything that i would whant to do in Hawaii.

Where Will I Stay?

I will stay in a beachhouse a really expensive beach house and it will be really close to the beach. I will. get to go swimming every day because i will have a pool in my beach house
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What Will I Need to Pack?

I will need to pack a Week of outfits including pajammas, I will need to pack sunscrean, my toothbrush and tuthpaste, shoes, bathingsuit, sunglasses, my medication, socks , any other clothes that I need. I would pack some snackes and drinks for me so i would not have to go and buy some from the store in hawaii. I would pack some movies so I could entertain my self and I would not have to go spend money at the movie theaters. I would also need to pack my ipad and my phone and my phone charger and my ipad charger.

How Much Will My Trip Cost?

My plane ticket will cost $2,000 , my beach house will cost $21,000 , I will spend about $1,000 on my food for one week, I will spend probobly $2,000 on my gas or more fore my gas because gas is really expensive and for one week in Hawaii. I wil end up spending about $24,000 in Hawaii for only one week.


some fun activities I would do in Hawaii would be snorkeling, I would also do zipelining. I would like to do snorkeling because, I really like sea creatures and I would like to see them up close. I would like to go ziplineing because, I have never done ziplineing before because I was to afraid and I would like to overcome that fear.
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