Maycomb County

The Killing Of The Mocking Bird

Information about Maycomb County

Maycomb County was a small town in Alabama. The streets in Maycomb are red slop(red mud). Also the people move around the county slowly. And Maycomb was told "It has nothing to fear but their selves". Maycomb is also use to racism in their town. Maycomb is also a southerner town that is very boring because its nothing to do in the town.

Accident In Maycomb County

Maycomb County had a mad dog. A mad dog is a dog with rabies. Miss. Calpurnia heard about the mad dog she ran out the house to everyone on the street, and told them to get in the house because it was a mad dog on the loose, and then all of Maycomb county ran in to there houses and locked the doors for the dog can't get inside. So then the sheriff Mr. Heck Tate and Attics came and killed the dog the everybody went back to their normal lives.

The Main Three Characters

Tom Robinson accused of raping Miss. Mayella Ewell

Information On The Accident That Happen In Maycomb County

Tom Robinson is a African American male accused of raping an American women named Miss. Mayella Ewell. Tom Robinson will be in trial for the raping of Miss. Mayella Ewell , and he will be defended by Mr. Atticus Finch. WE WILL INFORM YOU HOW THE TRIAL GOES.

Where To Find To Kill A Mockingbird

You can find To Kill A Mockingbird at a a local book store near you. Make sure you read the book!!!
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