Vaccines are Important

They can save lives and prevent the spreading of diseases.

Taking time to vaccinate can prevent a serious medical problem.

For example, "... not vaccinating is highly risky and leaves those children and other people vulnerable to a serious illness that can cause many complications..."(Yahoo). Those who do not vaccinate risk the health of themselves and others. Children getting vaccinated can stop the spreading of serious illnesses.

A decrease in vaccinated people leads to an increase in disease.

Furthermore, " Pockets of unvaccinated children appear to have fueled the recent outbreak..."(WebMD). Because of unvaccinated people, measles rapidly spread. If they were vaccinated, this outbreak could have not of happened.

If you don't vaccinate you can risk the lives of young ones.

Also," ... an Ontario outbreak in 2012 involved unimmunized Mennonite communities, leading to the deaths of three infants"(ctvnews). The reason why these infants lost their lives was because their community failed to get a vaccine to fight against whooping cough. Vaccination could have prevented the death of these young infants.

All in all, not vaccinating always turns out to raise the risk for disease to spread and the loss of lives.