Mechanical engineer

By Charlz Nash 4th hour

Basic information about becoming a mechanical engineer

  • Get to fix thing things
  • Earns $57,000 to $127,000 per year
  • Not provided with the tools you need
  • Fellow employees are helpful
  • Repairs trucks and trailers
  • You are treated with respect
  • Need to know the insides and the outsides of a car or know what to use on the projects
  • You get to be able to build things
  • Some times provided with food (no guarantee)
  • Replace or repair engines or hardware

Pros and cons

3 pros

  • Get to work alone: so nobody can mess up what the costumer wants
  • Decent pay: you get a decent amount of money for your family
  • There is a lot of job openings for mechanic's: because there is always some place to work.
3 conS

  • Hazards: because it is dangerous because of the size of stuff
  • Dangerous chemicals: because the chemicals could kill someone or cause serious injuries
  • Working with heavey materials: Because you can lose Lynn

What you need to do to succeed in this career?

  • bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering
  • master's or doctoral degree in specific fields of mechanical engineering.
  • High School Classes that can help prepare for this career
  • Calculus,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Technical Writing,
  • and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra.
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Design of Mechanical Elements
  • Dynamics
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Engineering Physics
  • English Composition
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines
  • Linear Differential Equations
  • Materials in Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Analysis
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Senior Design Project
  • Statistics
  • Statistics
  • Thermodynamics

What college can you attend to earn a degree for this career?

Tennessee Technological University
Degree offered by educational instutition: Bachelor's Degree

Two-year associate of arts and/or science degree programs can fulfill general education requirements for transfer to bachelor's degree programs. These associate degree programs include studies in the fine arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences

Associations/Professional organization for this career

Job advertisement

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