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The "Why"

The educator ePortfolio is a platform to show who you are as a learner, leader, and educator. It is a place for reflection, documenting experiences, setting goals, etc. ePortfolios are one of a kind and unique to each individual. It is also a great way to model growth and reflection for students.

How to Get Started:

Step 1: Decide what you want to include on your ePortfolio. What do you want others to learn about you when they see your site?

Step 2: Create a Site

Step 3: Add Specific Pages and Customize the Site

Step 4: Add Work, Reflect

Step 5: Repeat steps 3-4 (The ePortfolio is a continual work in progress)

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Example Educator Portfolios:

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Step by Step Full Length Video:

  • 4:35: Organizing: Adding Pages and Subpages 4:35
  • 6:56: Uploading: Showcasing and Presentation
  • 8:20: Customizing: Changing Themes, Colors, and Fonts
ePortfolio Setup in Google Sites

Embedding Work into your ePortfolio

Embedding work means that you will place a live (padlet, tackk, smore, thinglink, etc.) on your site as opposed to simply pasting the link.
Use Embed Code to Embed Work in Google Sites

Horizontal Navigation (Adding Tabs to the top of your page)

Adding Pages to Horizontal Navigation in Sites

Add a Scrolling Gallery Into Your ePortfolio

Insert a Scrolling Gallery into your ePortfolio